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15 main trends of spring and summer of 2016 years

Director of Vogue fashion Dunin Olga returned with impressions and tells us how and what we will be wearing next summer.

How well do you remember yourself in 90-x: you listened, watched, read, and what did you do? The following season, each collection will return you into the distant but vivid past. Looking at the new shows are not just your mind will draw analogies from the collections of Helmut Lang that its minimalistic, but bold and sexy style has put upside down fashion on both sides of the ocean. For the new season have to prepare both mentally and physically - fashionable women somehow have to show a lot of body. Let's go!


Fashion of the last decade of the last century - the main reference Spring-Summer 2016.



Multi-layer skirt made of transparent tulle, chiffon and nylon wear day and night.



Intense shine, reflective properties of metal foil -
the most fashionable texture spring-summer season - protection from the sun.



Animalic and plant tropical prints still in business.


Underwear and Sleepwear

The tendency to go to the people in a negligee is gaining new momentum.
Men pajamas and ruffled shirt and a banquet in the world.



Complex adjacent cut and vivid color details form riders look very fresh in their daily lives.



Fashion on health reached and podiums. Choose a shade of green for morning juice.


Punk and Grunge

Fashionable aesthetic alternative rockers start 90-x
with black leather jackets worn and ragged tops relevant to this day.



Fashionable variation of the most popular prints on the planet in the spring and summer season is as follows:
very broad red stripe or a very fine blue. That's all.


Tie Dye

The most popular among generations of receiving flowers decorate clothing
Now shows the most famous fashion houses.



Another greeting from 90-x. Particularly impressive looks long dress of coarse grid entirely.



Russia, France, the United States are at odds, but not in the color issue.
The red-blue-white combination is as patriotic, fashionable and safely in any fashion powers.


Feminine safari

Style safari spring 2016 years become sexy like never before.
Ultrashort voluminous skirts and jackets with greetings from the 80-x.



No flowers anywhere in the summer season.
Sitchikov - here it is, the main trend in fashion summer 2016 years.



By far the best solution for the evening. Always.


Dunin Olga and Olesya Sedova