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5 simple ideas how to look fashionable in the basic things

What kind of clothing should be in the wardrobe of every stylish woman? The founder of the project Trends Brands Nastia Sartan detailed answers that question and shows by example how to create 5 simple but stylish way.

Nastia Sartan - founder of the project Trends Brands, as well as the creator of the first stylist Epytom Bot robot in the world. Once a day, the robot sends subscribers in the messenger Telegram idea how stylish and cost a minimum of wear. Nastia chose 5 beautiful and simple images with the base of a huge collection of clothes Epytom Bot.

Vintage dress

If you have never had a dress in vintage style, be sure to think about the purchase of this model. It has every right to lead the list of the most important dress in the wardrobe of every stylish woman. Ideally, this should be a dress sewn from silk, viscose or fine cotton.

At first it may seem that this dress is suitable for creating romantic, marshmallow images and no more, but this is a serious misconception. Biker boots and leather jackets, bright sneakers and cardigan, sandals, shoes with high steady heel ... And the list goes on. In short, if you want to impress "all such air kisses calling" or "I see the goal, go ahead," a sophisticated dress in vintage style and fit for the first and for the second option.

Rigid bag strict form will help to move away from the bohemian style in the direction of the image of a confident and elegant urban lady.

Beautiful turtleneck

The secret to the perfect turtleneck - high-quality yarn. Ideally, this should be a mixture of cashmere, silk and wool. This combination ensures easy care thing and exquisite images day after day. Perhaps the presence of a turtleneck in the summer wardrobe surprises you, but, first of all, we live in Russia, and the vicissitudes of the weather has not been canceled, and secondly, you can choose a beautiful version of "Summer" sleeveless turtleneck. An obligatory condition for the model - length. Short sleeveless tight knit are not considered.

Turtlenecks can both fill and leave untucked. In the first case you will remind guests of 70-ies as of the Woody Allen films. If your goal - an elegant negligence, then wear a turtleneck worn outside.

Who said that the turtleneck can be worn only by the light of day? The combination of festive colors, such as red and white, and the presence of the clutch makes the image parade and weekends. Enjoy the compliments, partying, comfort and free time, because to make such an image, you will spend less than a minute!

Black dress and ballet flats

Black dress and favorite soft and comfortable ballet shoes are an example of an image that is created without difficulty, in seconds, while producing an incredible impression on others. You will be elegant, refined and beautiful, like a movie star. Ballet flats with a round nose make the image less pompous, and you can go to work, shopping, but wherever you want! You have already taken care of your comfort. Choose feminine accessories, but do not overdo it: in such a simple image of one jewelry will be more than enough. For example, it can be a massive bracelet or a neat suspension.

A small black dress is your salvation, a clean canvas and the best friend in one bottle. When choosing your perfect dress, forget about all the trends. The most important thing is the style that decorates your figure and pleases the eye. Dress-shirt or dress-T-shirt with their simple geometric silhouettes is absolutely universal: you decide what to show and what to hide. A tight top and flared skirt is another classic silhouette that will decorate any figure. Dress-cases are an effective tool in attracting attention. The optimal length is midi or mini. And to wear a dress in the afternoon and evening, look for a model of a smooth matte fabric.

Fancy shoes

That's really what you really need to have in the wardrobe, so these are beautiful, unusual shoes. Such a pair will brighten up absolutely any image. White shirt with jeans or trousers, minimalistic dress, strict skirt. There is no limit to perfection, if you have bold, designer shoes on your feet. Well, the main question - what is it, this very pair? Launch the most daring fantasies: metallic, neon, lacing, prints, cutouts and sky-high heels - all this has the right to life. Look around your wardrobe and choose shoes that will instantly transform it. Well, if you and your hairpins with the character are not one party, make sure that with all the fun you can confidently walk into them, enjoying life.

Denim shirt

  • In a perfect denim shirts must always be dense texture and long sleeves that could be tuck and a little worn, rubbed look. As for color, then choose the classic dark blue, it is the most versatile option and it is dark blue you'll have to create a set of images.
  • Denim shirt and your favorite "male" shoes - oxfords or brogues - create the impression that you're trying to pick things comfortable and stylish they were part-time - just because of your innate taste.
  • The combination of two garments made of denim - it's a classic example of everyday sophistication, that will always be relevant.
  • If you choose short pants, you get a more formal way. A bright silk scarf will be your passport to any informal party!
  • It is useful to be and some unusual details: for example, buttons or buttons of pearl or bone. This is extremely rare, as a rule, brands use metal, but what prevents you to change those little details on their own? You get a really unique thing.

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