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Be stylish this summer: Trend Sunglasses

The sun is not only tenderly, but insidiously, regardless of the season. Therefore, to protect the eyes must be constantly: in the summer - from excessive brightness and corneal burns in the winter - from excessive glare white light that bounces off the snow-covered surface. The conclusion is logical: the question of correct and trendy sunglasses are always relevant. The fashion will delight us in the upcoming 2017-th year?

Frames and lenses are incredibly wide, what is rational. So part of the face and eyes are better protected from the sun, which prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles, skin Veins, age spots. In the past remain and heavy, oval, rectangular glasses. In their place come the model: a "cat's eye", Lennon, aviators, futuristic, three-dimensional, geometric. No less delight coloring, which will trace the influence of animalistic motifs, geometric prints and bright colors. Will not slip out of the limelight of fashion and black. Glass will remain the same: color, translucent, fully tinted and otzerkalivayuschim effect.

Sunglasses popular brands 2017 photos latest news

Fashion for stylish accessories set the leading brands. In the industry, these stylish accessories have their leaders - have hundred years of history and frankly avant-garde - the young brand. Each of the brands of sunglasses brand deserves special attention. In today's fashion world is nothing more than a dozen brands belonging to premum-class category. Annual collections that go under the names of the most eminent - a reason to understand their style.

The fashion world is, of course, symbolic names - such as Christian Dior. The brand launched the first line of points in 60-ies of the last century, and blew up the world of fashion. They have become a great addition and elegant accessory to the collections, the motto of which to this day remains nedemonstrativnaya luxury and simplicity, which is so difficult to achieve in search of elegance. Fine form glasses from this manufacturer allows their owners to feel luxurious and stylish. The company provides a wide range of products, which differ from other styles and variations. That is why from Dior sunglasses are very popular.

Mark and today does not change his principles sunglasses Dior - a true symbol of taste and haute couture. As always slightly ahead of the trends, the fashion house Dior enjoys sometimes complex stylistic solutions - today's agenda: Futurism. Rim complex shape, in which noble metals are used, a graceful fittings and follow-up activity - to create emphasis - plastic. Simple shapes and slightly "male" design, even in the feminine models, delicate and airy silhouette frames ... The most famous French high fashion house did not change his principles.

Sunglasses by Dolce Gabbana - a particular style. This famous duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is characterized by truly Italian sensuality and love of vivid effects, these qualities brought the brand to the forefront of the fashion Olympus. The best, oddly enough, it is possible, despite any recommendations found only by relying on your own taste. In the fashion world there is a very high-sounding names and affordable brands that are most often much more daring in design and more democratic in prices.

Sexy and a little caramel - even if you have it banned diet - this company will implement your style is easy and simple. Bright and juicy - frankly fruit tones frames - main "hobby" and the main "trick" of the brand, to repeat that have not yet managed to anyone. Among the most famous brands of sunglasses, there are those to whose glory and style does not infringe the most sophisticated and alternative dizanery.

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Brighter, bolder, less modest and more imagination, bragging loudly! The upcoming season is full of variety of colors, textures and styles and is perfectly suited to be transformed and discover something completely new. One thing remains constant: the trend in bold and flashy accessories that define the tone of the entire image. Oversayz bags, embroidered belts, neon inserts and, of course, sunglasses. And it was about the glasses today and we'll talk. Experiments with this accessory can provide an absolutely stunning result and you change out of all recognition. If you have not picked up superfashionable points, it's time to do it right now!

Trendsetters re-look at the points of the round form. Here there is a special design rampant imagination when creating the collection Spring-Summer 2017. Almost every fashion house presented to the audience their own variations on the theme of round glasses - small things like Harry Potter or large, covering the upper part of his face, made of plastic or thin metal, made with soothing shades and flashy prints. Many stylish round glasses can be found here. Round glasses fit holders square face - this accessory helps to mitigate sharp features.

Round glasses also can choose people with a triangular face shape - this will help to balance the lower and upper parts. In addition, this season should pay particular attention to the points in the colored plastic frame, which will brighten any look. The palette of accessories is extensive and varied: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple - for every taste! You agree that these glasses certainly distinguish you from the crowd by making your way extraordinary and catchy.

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Women with a circular shape of the face, usually characterized by the presence of chubby cheeks, chin apples and rounded without the express lines in the cheekbone area, the length and width of the face are virtually identical. These seem a bit childish little face, pulling his ease and naivety. However, not all the girls want to look constantly "cuties", and would not mind adding to its image more feminine and severity of temperament. This effect is easy to achieve - just make two points: buy the right sunglasses for a round face and apply a suitable makeup.

So, in order to add to your image a little more feminine, making it more perfect, you need to narrow down the face visually, visually "stretching" the broad middle and lower part of the face. Points for round face, of course, should be broad shape, and protrude slightly beyond the contour of the face. This technique is visually pull the oval of the face, making it more fascinating. One of the most successful forms of a "cat's eye", because these glasses eye naturally goes to the temples, extending face. It is also interesting will look glasses rectangular and square with rounded corners. Whereas the angular square sunglasses for a round face will look too harsh.

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For sure, every girl who has ever in my life painted hair, knows what Ombre Hair is a special staining technique, when the color comes from a light to dark and vice versa. This hair coloring technique has already gained its popularity, now it has reached and models of glasses. Such models look very original and unusual, such famous fashion designers like Prada, Jason Wu, Emporio Armani presented at their shows are a number of accessories. The lenses of these sunscreens devices are characterized in that their color is very smooth transition from one to another.

It is worth noting that the price may vary slightly on the brand women sunglasses 2017, the photos show us that many fashion houses are just a huge number of different models, you can choose the one that suits you, not only in style, but also financially. One of branded and fashionable frames are pilots, they are trendy for several seasons in a row. Even last year, they are a little lost its popularity, but in 2017 year, they could again be seen on the catwalks of many famous designers, for example, such as Stella McCartney, this is the fashion house presented a collection of pilots, they are bright and lush setting, reminiscent of their mean summer itself.