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Black clothes make us attractive and self-confident

If you are student, and come to school dressed as a Goth, your parents do not understand, right? Well, if you're an adult, and dress up all in black? What will happen in this case, your image and how you will be perceived by others? suggests a new study.

New research has shown that black dress makes you look more attractive, intelligent and confident.

Now, I do not wonder why I love dark clothes!

Researchers interviewed more than 1000 people to learn from what qualities they most often associate certain colors.

Interviewees pointed out that those who wear the black color looks more sexually attractive or smarter.

66% of women indicated that black man to make them more attractive to them.

46% of men would rather have sex with a woman in black.

In any case, black takes a leadership position in both sexes.

By the way, red the second most popular and is associated with a self-confident person.

About 12% of respondents noted red color as an intellectual, but most people still associate it with arrogance.