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How to wear a bang: 25 cool hairstyles for example stars

You wear long hair, you want to change, but is not ready to make the cut and give up their luxurious hair? Then try to cut off a bang. Which one - choose the example of the stars, because we 25 we collected the most successful variants.

Reese Witherspoon

Straight hair, slightly asymmetrical bangs - choice Reese Witherspoon. It looks very cute and flirty!

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is a straight bangs just above her eyebrow tints and two shades in the art balayazh - it refreshes the face and makes the actual image. We advise brunettes take off her example.

Kim Kardashian

Once Kim also wore bangs and it is worth noting that she really went. Kardashian looked great with sparse jagged bangs and straight hair straightened.

Jennifer Lopez

And J. Lo choose bangs, reminding us of the fashion 80-x - long, thick and lush. More volume!

Sienna Miller

Divided into two halves opens bangs forehead, and at the same time beautifully framed face - feminine image Sienna Miller the best proof.

Emma Stone

Another effective option bang - on one side, in the style of 30-x, like Emma Stone. Make a packing can be normal curling - a neat zavey strands and fix them invisible to his temple.


Fake bangs. If you want to diversify your image, and you have not yet decided otsrich bangs, do hairstyle like Rihanna!

Taylor Swift

Ideal for women with a high forehead - a long thick bangs, like Taylor Swift. It looks very stylish, but it will have to be laid every day.

Jennifer Garner

Careless bangs, like Dzhennicher Garner will look great in combination with long hair and hairstyle-stage. This fringe can be on the one hand a little longer, but on the other - a little shorter.

Jessica Bill

This bang Jessica Bill has already for many years, and it is very Valid. Hair perfectly smooth, like a mirror, and bangs trimmed as on a ticker. Suitable owners of fine hair.

Zooey Deschanel

Another option some bang - like Zooey Deschanel. Slightly disheveled, to the eyebrows, longer at the temples. This feminine!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande bangs look good in combination with a long tail high - it is a long, twisted by curling, very lush, in the style of 80-ies.

Jessica Alba

Regrown bangs. styling option for those who are trying to get rid of her short bangs - it curls at the tips, Jessica Alba, and wear divided into two parts, so that the forehead remained open.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively wears long bangs, effectively framing the face. Make this hairstyle can be of haircuts-stage, even to cut bangs do not need!


Long bangs, combed to one side - this variant prefers Beyonce when hair is straightened.

Kate Moss

Hairstyle Kate Moss looks volume due to bangs and proper staining - several shades of blonde and dark roots look great.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is structured feminine fringe, not too dense, with long strands at the temples. This is the best option for those who like to wear a ponytail.

Leighton Meester

Bangs Leighton Meester looks as casually and playfully, like the rest of her hair, but in this negligence is the charm!

Ann Hataway

The canonical image of Anne Hathaway in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada» - a stylish and very long fringe, almost closing his eyes. This is still true!

Kerry Washington

Thick and slightly torn at the tips of the bangs - rowdy version of Kerry Washington, we offer to repeat.

Sookie Waterhouse

For owners of curly hair - a creative mess on his head, like Sookie Waterhouse. In this case, the bangs do not have to be laid, and even better - to go to bed with a wet head.

Behati Prinsloo

Another stylish fantasy of fringe - ragged, straight and divided into two parts, like Behati Prinsloo. However, this will have to bang every day pulling utjuzhkom.

Demi Lovato

Graphically bangs - ideally equal to the eyebrows, combined only with the same elongated hair. This is an option for women with a round face and soft features.

Gigi Hadid

The most fashionable bang - at Gigi! It is both thick and sloppy, regrown around the edges - that is, moves smoothly haircut ladder. That is exactly what we recommend to copy!