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As "bad taste" came into vogue

Does the concept of vulgarity and bad taste today? And that may be considered inappropriate in a world where not left virtually no restrictions, and the bad taste has become a kind of dignity. The task to choose a bag to your shoes and manage a monkey, but the ability to make the ugly beautiful - has aerobatics.


Moncler Gamme Rouge; Alexandre Vauthier; Carven. Spring-Summer 2017

Designers began to rethink and transform even the most absurd phenomena of the past. And they do it so cool that just amazed. Take, for example, the fashion for logos. Remember, at the beginning of all zero-shirts, bags and belts were filled with monograms and symbols? The world had to know "that I wear" (even if the thing was rough forgery).

Today, the fashion for logos returns, but the designers reworked so cool this trend that accuse them of something impossible. For example, logos, brands Moncler Gamme Rouge and Carven more like the symbolism Ivy League universities, and Alexandre Vauthier decided to follow the example of superuspeshnyh Calvin Klein brand name and placed on a wide elastic band of boxers.

Lacoste; Saint Laurent; Gucci. Spring-Summer 2017

Lacoste redrew his famous crocodile and embellished their dress from the latest collection. At Alessandro Michele, who had raised Gucci logos to a whole new level of branding and completely on the green tights. Anthony Vakkarello, the current creative director of Saint Laurent, made a bid for logos in his debut collection, offering heels, small silvery tattoo decorations with the famous intertwined letters YSL. Now the fashion world is whispering - Whether Yves cherished brand name in return.

Knitted Total bow

Bottega Veneta; Anna Sui; Balmain. Spring-Summer 2017

Knitwear over the years throws from the extreme to the extreme. The best minds in the fashion world are constantly trying to refine them, make them more modern, not boring, but over time, all these efforts come to naught (say thanks to the mass market stamping dull, shapeless sweaters and pants). Unfortunately, the knitted total onion is still associated with cat food, a thin bundle and gray everyday life, in which there is no room and a hint of a sparkling glass. But the designers did not give up and again decided to perform an impossible mission, having changed the knitted dresses to the floor in such a way that they are not ashamed to go to the main party of the year. Bright colors, metallized threads, unusual shapes displace the usual "eerie rosettes" and starper vests.

"Ugly" Shoes

A separate layer in this story about a fashionable "bad" taste takes the shoes that foreign media has long been dubbed "ugly." Fur slippers and Lofer, orthopedic sandals and Cossacks, which in recent years 10 could not imagine any of the stylish girl planet were at the peak of popularity.

Anya Hindmarch; Fenty X Puma; Cristopher Kane. Spring-Summer 2017

Birkenshtoki has long been popular (even let them in the noble tweeds), aspiring ugg gradually come to naught. Designers are looking for new ideas for the transformation. At the last Chanel fashion show models wore shoes, reminiscent of a perforated orthopedic shoes, and Cristopher Kane collected extra hundred publications pereobuvayas models Crocs adorned with massive stones and marble print.

Beach rubber shoes in vogue even in 2014 year and in recent years has undergone many transformations. Today incredibly popular sheepskin slippers. They were seen in many brands, including Anya Hindmarch, Dolce & Gabbana, and, of course, in the collection Fenty X Puma.

Mulberry; Jacquemus; Balenciaga. Spring-Summer 2017

But from the "bad" innovations can be identified recurring blunt nose. The reason is obvious: the fashion 90-ies continued to be in demand. We doubt that the Mulberry and Jacquemus thought of cool kids in the "three stripes" feed blunt fondness for shoes, but the creative director of Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia on "areas-neighborhoods" nostalgic 24 hours. Blunt shoes, track suits, coats and jackets of tough skin, reminiscent of 90-x, always with him.

Naked belly

Ann Demeulemeester; Proenza Schouler; Alexander Wang. Spring-Summer 2017

Everything that used to be considered an indicator of "good taste" is so outdated that it turned into a mauve ton. Conditional Miss X has more chances to get on the list of badly dressed stars if she goes to the solemn ceremony in red shoes, with a red bag and a belt to tone. And vice versa: phenomena, which were not accepted to speak in a decent society, as if they had undergone a course of rehabilitation. Take the same naked stomach: what used to be appropriate on the beach or in some seaside town in the summer - suddenly became beautiful and refined. Today, a bare belly (like bare shoulders) is a new neckline, a new mini, a new black one, if you like.

This trend has become gentler, more intelligent. A few years ago, all the polls were cropped shirts with skirts or jeans, sitting low on the waist, but today it is magically transformed into a crop-tops of crochet dresses, baring beautiful body strip or stylish, beautifully seated shirt shirt front. These things are read images of Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, and other fashion icons of the past.

Waist bag

Marni; Lemaire; Emporio Armani. Spring-Summer 2017

The belted bag is also not a newbie for fashion weeks and has already won its dose of love in this cruel world. But in the minds of most people there are still pictures of a relatively recent past with marketers and a khaki colored bag. Domestic designers continue to use the aesthetics of 90-x, while their foreign colleagues produce belted bags that more resemble stylish clutches. Brand Marni, for example, offers a belt with giant pockets, and No 21 presented miniature handbags with a beautiful satin tint. Looking at these objects, you forget the markets, and the shopkeepers, and in general all the bad things that were connected with the belt bag just ten years ago.

But Lemaire made bags, suspiciously reminding massage avtochehly from wooden barrels. Remember? Previously, these were in every self-respecting fish is. This bag looks very unusual, and you can easily imagine and summer sundresses in boho style, and with a strict black dress (actually, as it was on the show).

Tights in a grid

Chanel; Markus Lupfer; Jil Sander; Altuzarra. Spring-Summer 2017

The eternal question: what can and can not wear tights, and their right to choose. Except tanned and very very corporal swashbuckling fantasy (when, for example, red roses, but with gold studs on a black background), you can wear tights as you like and what you want.

We would like to note the trend, which bloom to full flower the following spring: Tights in a grid (though they could be lit and this fall). If in recent years, net not looked vulgar except that Renata Litvinova, now designers give them a second life. Mesh stockings combine with jeans and keel or combine with things in a grunge style.


Celine; Elie Saab; Chanel; Anna Sui. Spring-Summer 2017

It is understood that each season the designers produce some wild things, but they do it to create extra information occasion to show their skills, cool idea. Moreover, this acceptance is still in 30-ies of XX century French couturier resorted: they were stunning dress for the same breathtaking prices. They had not been bought, they just admired during the shows and applauded the genius of the master.

Especially interesting is the fact that all this "bad taste" does not look good because the idea was proposed by a specific designer, whose opinion is considered to be, but because it is really good. Sports sweatshirts, worn under a voluminous jacket, combined with leather culottes and white tights, cap and tweed suit, even defiantly ironic swan's down look and modern, and stylish, it is not bordering on what used to be called "bad taste."

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