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How to become a stylish, five simple steps to a new image

How do you want to hear in his address: "She has style!" But what if you have no idea what this is the style and what it "eat"? Become a stylish lady is not so difficult as you think.

What is style?

Stylish commonly referred to women, whose image is "matched" with taste. In this case, all the elements of your image should certainly be in harmony with each other.

Sometimes the women in his defense say they can not afford to dress well and look good, because they do not have the money for it. But the style - this is not expensive things, and not a lot of them. Clothes can be quite inexpensive and it can be minimized, only need to learn how to wear it.

So, step one. Place your order in my wardrobe

Disassemble clothes deposits that are likely to have accumulated in your closet and make their "revision".

In one pile fold things that spoiled - torn, frayed, faded or stained so that they do not wash off. If you do not needlewoman and not a professional fashion designer, you will not remember the tips on how to give a second life to old things. Just prepare large garbage bags and put all the back As an option - to use a portion of unnecessary more clothes as rags for cleaning. The rest clearly on the release!

In the second bunch must get clothes that you are small, bad or just sit "do not go". Maybe once you bought them, but then disappointed, and they just hung in your closet all the time. Throw them in the trash is not worth it. Give friends and acquaintances that they will be more to face, and if there are none, then leave the unit with the things on the landing or near the nearest garbage. Rest assured that there are new owners quickly!

The third pile will let those little things that, though you are sitting on is normal, but you have them for a long time were not. Just did not have occasion to wear. Ask yourself the question - and if you need them? Can you imagine a situation in which wear this or that thing? If not, feel free to add these things into a second pile. And the rest of the faithful back into the closet.

Step Two. Spend your life analysis

Where do you spend most of your life? Home and at work? How do you spend your free time? How often do you go somewhere? And where? In clubs, parties, exhibitions, concerts? Or do you prefer the so-called active recreation such as hiking or mountain skis?

Now answer the question who is your main environment? Husband, children, boyfriend, friends, girlfriends, colleagues? What would you like to look in their eyes?

For example, if you spend most of the time at home with family, it's worth thinking about the beautiful and comfortable home clothes - for example, to buy a few options dressing gowns. I love to get out for a walk - there can not do without a good jacket, a turtleneck and jeans ... If you are aiming for a career, then you just need a business suit, and even a couple. If you are a frequenter of parties, then your wardrobe should have at least one evening or cocktail dress.

If you are in the process of development of relations with a man or frequently go somewhere with him or friends, then think of the elegant clothes that accentuate your feminine dignity. It can be a beautiful dress, silk skirt and blouse, trousers from high quality fabrics with a jacket and a topic ... But why do you say, evening gown, if you do not happen anywhere else, other than visiting an elderly aunt? No need to pre-fill a wardrobe of things that you probably will not be useful. If the need arises - and then buy.

Step Three. Rate yourself

Look carefully at ourselves in the mirror. Mark all the features of the figure. And now mentally Try on a variety of clothing options. You can use the tips from the web, where we are talking about your figure type. Pick things that will allow you to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses.

At the same time, define your tsvetotip. So you will be easier to pick up clothes, the right color, and some shades to combine with others. Do not forget about makeup - it must match your clothes and tsvetotipu.

Step Four. Learn how to successfully combine things to each other

Never chase fashion. Remember that not every fashion item fits all, without exception. Quite the contrary. You will be quite enough basic wardrobe, and even a pair of three so-called "trend" of things. Experiment with them until then, until you find your perfect image. If you do not believe in his own taste, and you can ask the opinion of others.

Step Five. Find your chip!

You can try to find it intuitively. This can be a particular combination of colors, a single style or cut, shape accessories. A may, for example, a special way of tying a scarf. Again - you can turn to the stylist or just to their friends, famous for good taste. They will give you a hint.

Make it their hallmark - and you will learn it in their chosen "chip". You can congratulate: you have got its own style!

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