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Classic for the ages: what style preppy

Preppy style name comes from the term preparatory schools, indicating the preparatory schools, in which wealthy Americans sent their children to college. Since 40-ies style preppy suffered not too many changes, almost all the elements of a mandatory uniforms Ivy League students are popular all over the world and have long since become classics. Well, is it worth to add that it is not only young students, but also people of all ages. On peculiarities of style preppy read our material.


From left to right clockwise: Jeffrey Campbell, 7 301 rub .; Zara, 5 599 rub .; Bronx (Podium market) 8 990 rub .; Pretty Ballerinas (Farfetch), 11 499 rub .; Zara, 2 999 rubles.

One of the most important moments in the creation of an image in a preppy style - it is a choice of shoes. The best thing in this story will work boots, borrowed from the male wardrobe. We recommend that you focus on the following versions: Lofer, oxfords, brogues and Monk (the same shoes, oxfords, but without laces). Generally you should buy at least one pair from the list, even if the preppy style you do not like. Such shoes - incredibly versatile option for everyday wear because it is possible and necessary, and with jeans and skirts and dresses, and of course, with trousers. If you want to stick preppy style, the best men's shoes would look with short straight cut trousers and dresses and skirts mini length.


From left to right clockwise: striped dress Zara, 1 999 rub .; Fred Perry, price on request; Polo MAISON KITSUNÉ; Gabriella Hearst (Farfetch), Lacoste dress, 10 480 rubles.

The preppy style certainly has elements of sports fashion. They express, however, is not very sharply, most of all - it's tennis skirts, blazers and beautiful polo. It is important not to overdo it with a sporty style and be able to competently beat him. Here, for example, learn to wear a shirt standing at Margot Tenenbaum, the heroine of the movie Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums." She combined the dress-shirt by Lacoste with mink coats, boots in men's style and strict bag. Fortunately the winter is over recently, and you can do without fur, but the rest of the tricks Margo suggested taking note. No wonder its image as one of the most stylish in the history of cinema.


From left to right: skirt Zara, 2 799 rub .; black skirt Monki, 3 000 rub .; skirt in blue striped Thom Browne (Farfetch); black mini skirt Topshop, 3 299 rub .; white skirt Kenzo.

Of course, the ideal option skirt style is preppy plaid, but it is better to reserve it for the fall. In the summer of kilt with a clear conscience can be replaced by a tennis skirt pleated skirt or choose a midi length. Depending on the age and body vary the length of it. But let us agree that skirt preppy style can be considered as a mini or midi, but if you give preference to maxi, the style will be broken.

Shortened straight trousers

Black trousers Sandro, price on request; pants Topshop, 3 899 rub .; pants Claudie Pierlot, price on request; trousers Kira Plastinina, 1 999 rubles.

Once pants chinos (straight pants to the ankle) were part of the uniform of the Ivy League universities. Today, this practical article of clothing is, almost everyone, and wear them with heels and sneakers, and boots. If you want to create an image in the preppy style, it is very important to beat chinos properly. For example, you can be inspired by marine issues, because it is closely linked with the style preppy: many students are addicted to sailing. Excellent will look with a dark blue jacket, decorated with elegant monogram or cord, polo shirt, blue pants and loafers, chinos. Another idea - brogues dark color with beige trousers and a sweater in a pigtail with a V-neck. Easy classics for every day.

A bag

From left to right clockwise: The Cambridge Satchel Company Traveller 19 886 rub .; green backpack Whistles, price on request; backpack ASYA MALBERSHTEIN (Podium Market), 14 990 rub .; Asos, 1 363 rub .; Kira Plastinina, 1 599 rubles.

Remembering school days, and with them, briefcases, backpacks and comfortable roomy bag. These models are an excellent option for working days or weekends. Considering the huge selection, not dull colors and a serious disorder of the prices, you can find a "school" bag for everyone. Wearing funny portfolios can be anything, but, again, a full image will turn out only if you combine this accessory with strict shoes.


From left to right clockwise: Straw Hat French Connection, 2 045 rub .; Watch Daniel Wellington Canterbury 16 931 rub .; Glasses Ray-Ban (Solaris by Lensmaster) 13 490 rub .; scarf Zara, 2 299 rub .; Hat Asos, 2 272 rubles.

Typically, the image in the preppy style turns the already complex and multi-layered, so better to choose accessories very simple: the clock (in the same marine style), with hard hats fields, stylish horn-rimmed glasses and a small bandanna. Various monograms, educational institutions, and even logos embroidered initials are a very important part of preppy style. Therefore, instead of jewelry, pick up a beautiful stripe. But if the soul yearns for a holiday, put a string of pearls or neat earrings.

Collars and cuffs

From left to right, clockwise: shirt Monki, 2 500 rub .; dickey Asos, 909 rub .; shirt MAISON KITSUNÉ, price on request; dickey Asos, 1 136 rub .; collar Asos, 1 136 rubles.

It is important to note that the main value is not the shirt, and layering, which can be achieved with this subject. By the way, it is not necessary to wear a long-sleeved shirt, you can resort to a little trick, because, in fact, all that we need - it's a neat collar peeking out. In order not to overheat in the warmer months and avoid unpleasant folds beneath the thin knit wear dickey collar or elegant. Fortunately today this beauty abound. Very nice invoice collar will look complete with the most simple black dress.

As for the shirt as a key focus in the image - wear it with a cardigan, skirt, pleated and Oxford. Prefer unusual collars and strict tailoring, small, neat embroidery on the chest will be a perfect piece of jewelry and work better.

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