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Autumn 2016: 10 top-most fashionable clothes of flowers

Summer will soon give a fashionable branch of autumn. We change clothes in the soft tissue comfortable and prepare for a quiet and slightly sad mood ... In the new season have changed dramatically, not only images, but also trends and colors of clothes. This autumn palette of colors promises to be a truly magnificent. All of the new colors in the fashion wardrobe of autumn - read the material. They are truly great! Deep, rich and multifaceted, they captured the hearts of millions of fashionistas!

1. Red Aurora

Red, we repeatedly observed during the New York Fashion Week. And something tells us that we will meet him at shows in other fashion capitals. The most popular color - red Aurora. Luxurious, bold and at the same time soft and delectable. Urgent acquire lipstick, handbags, cardigans and dresses!

2. Warm taupe

Very cozy and seductive hue, reminiscent of delicious cocoa. In the coming season the true fashionista should buy a coat in this color. Also it will be relevant and shades of pink cameo, espresso, cognac and champagne.

3. Juicy meadow

Autumn - the queen of the gold, yellow, orange and red. But when there is an abundance of fire, begin to yearn for the soothing shades of green. One of them burst into next season and will emphasize your charm. Juicy green meadow, petals, aloe and emerald luster - it all merged in it.

4. Dusty cedar

In spite of such intricate name, it's just one of the most beautiful shades of pink. Slightly muted and restrained, but not boring. An excellent choice for a business suit or coat.

5. potter's clay

This shade is very traditional, usually blends in winter fashion. We are very pleased that he was given the green light at this time. Therefore, purchase handbags, shoes, coats and coats. In addition, the trend remains mustard and orange.

6. Reckless purple-violet

The crystals, lavender fields ... This association is the most incredible shade of next autumn. The coat, skirt, dress, hat the same color, you will be like a fairy princess who emerged from the mysterious kingdom, to beautify the world.

7. Spicy mustard

Uneasy spicy, but also with a slight hint of citrus, this color will be the most invigorating in the autumn palette. In order not to succumb to melancholy, typical for muddy and cloudy weather this time of year, get yourself a handbag, a large backpack or coat. And even recommend to decorate your home and some decor items in this color.

8. Sharkskin

This fall, you will not need dozens of shades of gray, only one. From it blows cold steel and tranquility. But it should be the same and iron ladies feel comfortable and confident in the deciduous season.

9. riverbank

Autumn - this is not only a fire of leaves, but the quenching of its moisture. Her character - a shade of riverside, conquered our hearts and podiums. We hope you, too, will find in it something special and will find good use in your wardrobe.

10. Blue sky

It is lacking in the fall, because it is the rainy and gloomy clouds. So if you need a carefree cloudless sky, let it appear on your blouse or coat.


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