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Basic rules for selection of shoes under the skirts of varying lengths

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Every day, creating a certain way, we carefully select clothes and shoes. The skirt - the most feminine garment. With it you can add the appearance of romance and playfulness and elegance and rigor, to emphasize strengths and hide flaws.

To skirt looked harmoniously, it is important to choose the right shoes. To do this, you need to take into account not only the general style, the color and material of the skirt, but also focus on the basic rules for the selection of shoes, depending on the length of the skirt.

Here are some tips for choosing the shoes under the skirts of varying lengths.

1. Mini

Mini Skirts can be successfully combined with the most diverse footwear. This may be the boots without a heel or with a small heel, sandals, wedges, boots or sandals, shoes with a small heel. Of course it all depends on the season and most of the material of the skirt.

2. Up to mid-thigh

These skirts will look good with narrow boots without heels, boots with free shafted, ballet flats, sandals or shoes wedges or sandals without heel. You can also wear shoes or boots with wide heel.

3. Prior to the knee

Tight or straight skirts to the knee for better wear boots without a heel or heels, wedges shoes or dress shoes with heels. It is also possible with ballet flats and sandals on the platform.

4. Below the knee

Straight skirts below the knee often combine well with boots wedges or heeled sandals or shoes wedges, stilettos.

5. Midi

Under midi skirt extended to the bottom of the best shod skinny leg boots with heels, dress shoes or shoes with wedge heels. Ballet shoes without heels with a skirt will look poorly.

6. Maxi

Maxi skirts are rarely successfully be combined with boots, but they will look great with sandals on the platform, ballet flats and sandals. Autumn maxi skirt can be worn with neat shoes with low heels.

Of course, this is only a general rule, of which there may be exceptions. The final selection of shoes depends on your taste and sense of style.


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