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Cloth of Kings: how to wear clothes made of velvet this fall

Of course, everyone has already noticed that "His Majesty Velvet" topped the tops of the fashion trends of the autumn-winter season, but in reality only a few of us know how to properly wear things from complex and capricious fabric. Of course, capricious velvet is in the sense that because (at first glance) self-sufficiency of this material, things from it are difficult to combine with anything else. But bold natures are unlikely to resist the extravagance and beauty of this fabric. Therefore, we decided to create a stylish collection of velvet things and show that the options and combinations with them, in fact, are a whole lot!

Select blazer, narrowed trousers, a topic of interest, or even the style of velvet shoes, and dilute cloudy weekdays magical color depth. With an abundance of possible things, you can easily select the most appropriate option, and we can bet that the velvet focus this autumn will attract to you a lot of enthusiastic views.

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