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Horror summer wardrobe: from what things should get rid

From year to year inevitably pops topic most unfortunate summer wardrobe items. Sometimes just do not understand why people voluntarily agree to wear these ugly things obviously spoiling proportions of the body and genital like good images. Introducing hits the most absurd combinations and the most monstrous things summer, from which a long time ago it is time to get rid of.

Socks And Sandals

Sandals MARC by MARC JACOBS (Rendez-Vouz); Asos sandals.

Let's be honest, take and enroll at this point all of the options can not. Certainly, there are examples of very stylish combination of beautiful sandals and silk, soft socks, embroidered with beads and beads (like images from time to time occur in Miu Miu, Chloe, and other heavyweights of the fashion world). But the harsh cotton socks from the nearest convenience stores and khaki sandals with Velcro - not a crime against fashion, but against beauty.

Alternative: Try to choose not sports sandals models and options, more suitable for the city. So wear them without socks, please.

Clothing is not the size

Red Top Ralph Lauren; trousers CHRISTOPHER KANE.

You and I are very lucky that we live in the epoch of bodipozitiva - movement, calling to love ourselves as we are. In other words, if your body is never known diet and exercise for the press, and you are well, very much want to put on a crop-top, do not deny yourself this pleasure. If you are not ready to join the ranks of women, "I do not care what people think around", it is best to discard the tops, opening the abdomen, tight pants and jeans low-slung, short shorts and skirts, as well as things made of thin knitwear.

Alternative: Leggings, skinny jeans and shorts to replace loose pants made of light fabrics. These wardrobe items you can wear the same sneakers and sneakers, no officialdom. Relaxed silhouettes, flared jeans with a high seating position - your loyal allies.

Stockings and open shoes

Shoes Wedge in peas, Marina Yahting; red sandals, Mango.

Shoes, even with a small open-toed and nylon - a terrible combination. The most serious violation of the law - a white, red or metallic shoes in combination with the black tights. If you are in the office a strict dress code that does not allow bare feet even in the exhausting heat, the obzavedites stockings, which can be worn in the office prior to the start of the day and take in the end.

Also on this point should include shoes in combination with hosiery pantyhose fishing. Trend on dresses, skirts and shoes is fine, but it requires bare feet. Do not try to "trick" of others, putting on tights or, worse, stockings. Only wear short socks or special podsledniki with silicone tape.

Alternative: Your favorite shoes but no socks. For office workers to dress code Close, shoes.

Summer boots

Sandals gladiators beige, Michael Michael Kors; black sandals, Daisy Street.

It is not clear what guided the woman, from season to season buying knitted boots. With the advent of the rainy fashionista hide them on the mezzanine, and memory erases the nightmare out of my head, but that takes a year, the sun glows asphalt, and in the streets there are all the same fashionista and new followers of this strange shoes. Perhaps the cause is thought of Italian, occasionally encountered in leather boots and a forty-degree heat? Sometimes it seems that no one and nothing will banish this evil from the country.

AlternativeIf you so badly want to be "high" boots in the summer, then it obzavedites sandals gladiator.

Wedge Sneakers

White sneakers, Reebok Instapump Fury Celebration; Volta shoes.

Once upon a time, designer Isabel Maran released a model of sneakers on a wedge that won the love of women of fashion all over the world. The original model cost about 300 euro, and the mass-market brands that picked up the trend and put these sneakers on the flow, asked for no more than 30. Time passed, and already Isabel Maran forgot that she once did such sneakers, but people have not forgotten the feat of the designer and continues to drag this architectural design into the feast and the world. The main sense of all modern sneakers is lightness, convenience, laconic design. The best minds in the fashion world from season to season design sneakers with such precision, as if they were spaceships. And you, oh ungrateful, persistently wear a wedge. It's not good.

Alternative: Modern, lightweight shoes.

Denim breeches

Bermuda Blue SOFIE D'HOORE; culottes denim MUVEIL.

This season, designers are experiencing particularly fond of denim. Denim dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, accessories - say "yes" to all over the jeans, but not denim breeches, run from them like fire. Like bridges had not done anything terrible with the figure, but they look as if you have arrived at the moment of 2005 years when the fashion world ruled by Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. 90-e, we have admitted in their hearts, but to zero is not exactly glamorous ready.

Alternative: Pantaloons and Bermuda.

perforatetion leather

Shoes, CHIE MIHARA; Topshop sandals.

Absolutely all the products of the perforated skin should stay in memories. Already invented a method of treatment of the skin, that it is not neither a knife razrezhesh or fire does not destroy, that it sometimes seems that with perforated leather is the same situation. Sandals and shoes with a blunt toe, belts, briefcases, wallets, and other exhibits, worthy of the cabinet of curiosities, like anyone no longer manufactured, but still men and women each year to show off "carved" slippers.

AlternativeMatt, patent leather, textiles, straw. Anything you want, just not the product of a perforated skin!

Pantyhose and podsledniki

  • In podsledniki there is nothing criminal, but the main point of this part - go unnoticed. Wear them with shoes with high board: running shoes, gym shoes, brogues and sliponami. But if your shoes have a deep cut, such as ballet shoes, the favorite pair of treacherous surrender of you and your "bad" habits with giblets as soon as you leave the house.
  • Nylon socks bodily or black - the second line of our hit parade of strange phenomena in the world. They are almost always visible from far away and do not look like socks, but as the skin folds. Forget them like a bad dream!
  • Completing the vicious cycle tights with holes for fingers. Who invented it? For whom? For what purpose? And why wear them? If some classic pantyhose cover is not the perfect pedicure, what secret lovers bare fingers? As always, there are more questions than answers.

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