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Presentation of the collection of children's clothes DENISA BOYTSOVA took place in Berlin

The author of the collection is the wife of the sportsman Olga, and the main model is the little Angelina Denis.

One of these days in Berlin the presentation of a collection of children's clothes of label Denisa Boytsova has passed. It is named after the two-year-old daughter of the famous Oryol boxer Denis Boytsov. Matches in the names of baby and dad are not accidental. The girl has two names of Angelina and Denis. The latter she received during the rite of baptism, which was held in Orel.

Now the boxer and his family live in Berlin. There was a presentation of the collection. The founder of the brand, fashion designer Olga Boitsova draws inspiration from her love for her little museum, daughter Angelina Denise, who became the face of the collection.

- Things are made in pastel colors, in the style of "airy chic". Each product is embroidered by hand. The main element that you will notice on T-shirts, caps, dresses and skirts is flowers. Flowers of different textures, colors and sizes. The basis of the collection is a hundred percent cotton, "Olga Boytsova told" KP ".

The presentation took place in an unusual place. The guests were in the boxing ring, in the hall of the legendary coach Uli Wegner. It was he who trained Denis Boytsov.

But on the day of presentation, this place has changed. It seemed that even the most severe fighters could not remain indifferent, looking at the tiny children's feet, stepping on the ring, as on the podium.

Perhaps, very soon the presentation of clothes will take place in the hometown of Denis Boytsov - Orel. However, the athlete himself because of health problems can not yet take part in it. But only for now. Fortunately, the forecasts of doctors are favorable.

- Thank God, Denis has improvements. He goes to his main goal - recovery. He is a real fighter and does not give up. That's what character means, and my daughter and I are his main motivation and support. While we communicate with gestures, but I believe that Denis will soon speak. Therapists lead active work with Denis and all unanimously say that Denis has a huge potential for full recovery, - the wife of Denis Olga shared with "KP".

Now Denis is in one of the medical clinics in Berlin. Recall, in May 2015 Orel heavyweight was severely beaten in the Berlin subway. Because of a head injury for a long time, he was in a coma.


Spouse Denis Boytsova - Olga, too, comes from the Eagle. She graduated from the British School of Design. For many years, Olga, together with her twin sister Julia, was engaged in the design of women's clothing and fur products. In addition, Olga herself created sports models of clothes for her husband.

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