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Things that are good with time and which are already in your closet

Our wardrobes conceal more treasures than we can imagine: Mamina motley dresses from 1960-x, large crystal earrings, printed fabrics, jackets in the style of power dressing. We are incredibly lucky: we live in an era in which both trends and fashionable decades are fused together for a long time. If suddenly you decided to carry out a revision of the wardrobe, be sure to read our article: find out which things have more than nine lives, and which are unworthy of your attention.

Leather and suede things

Things made of high-quality leather and suede become more interesting, textured over time.

Quality leather and suede things, like cognac, only get better with time. Minor scrapes and roughness give them charm, create a story. Jackets become "yours": they repeat the outlines of the body, sit in the right way, the bags take on special shapes and seem to complement the image better. The shoes become so comfortable that you can run a marathon in it.

With today's fashion on the combination of different decades is good to have in the bins suede jacket of red color, a short skirt of patent leather, as if from 1990, relics under the reptile and other things that were at the peak of popularity in due time.


Here the situation is approximately the same as with the skin. Quality jeans things start to look much more interesting with time. In the West there are a lot of shops that create cool jackets, skirts and backpacks from old denim, so even if you are not going to wear this or that denim thing, in the near future you will be able to remake it into something new, into something that there is none other.

Jeans things from the mass market (with rare exceptions), of course, do not fit here, but the standard Levi's 505, voluminous jackets, boiled jeans with a high fit or models from limited collections let them rest and wait for better times.

Levi's vintage jeans; denim overalls, 60-s years.

"Quality, good cut, handmade, materials such as silk, cashmere, linen, cotton and coarse denim are always out of trend.

Speaking of denim, it is obvious that regardless of fashion on the cut, the most important role is played by texture: dense, untiring, holding the silhouette of jeans always looks expensive and elegant

Marina Chuikina
The owner of the vintage store STROGO vintage, one of the organizers of the Vintage Marketplace

The same applies to outerwear - the timeless is the softest, thinest and lightest skin of raincoats and, on the contrary, the coarse dressing of leather jackets-coho, trench coats of strong cotton, like Burberry. In the color palette there are also always classic colors and combinations: exquisite beige and cream, bright red, black and white.

Things marked by such qualities can always be found in vintage shops in the West, and now, when so many vintage shops have opened in Moscow, and with us. One of the largest and most significant events in this area is the Vintage Marketplace. This time the market will pass 17 of the decubar in the Chertkov House (Butcher, 7). "We are engaged in the fact that we sift out the trash and choose only the best and actual of vintage and present it on one site. At the same time, projects with different pricing policies are selected: here you can find crepe de Chine blouses for 600 rubles and luxury Japanese dresses for 7 thousand. This market, which appeared last year, now collects more 50 participants, each of which is a vintage store or a private collector of vintage clothing. I see that such a quality, which we find in clothes from 70 or 80, it is difficult to find things from the middle price category, "Marina Chuikina believes.

Clothes with prints

Vintage dresses from Chanel.

Under this category, you can get some cool T-shirt with the logo of your favorite band, and a silk dress in a small floral print, and even some crazy blouse in leopard spots. Here the most important thing is to select quality items. Paint, which will surely fade and fade over time, cheap fabrics that stretch and deform the silhouette of things, accessories that "take" the thing with giblets, can not be stylish either now or in the future.

Things that characterize the era

Today, the boundaries between times, seasons and trends are erased, so, going shopping (or raking the cabinet), be sure to look back. From 1940-x you can borrow a suit in a small cage glenches, from 1950-x - lush skirts and dresses with open shoulders, from 1960-x - some incredible drawings and color combinations. The same 1970-ies were so withered in our time, that sometimes it seems like fringe, long suede cloaks and flares - creations of this century.

Lacy dress, 70-s; actress Sarah Paulson in a vintage dress from Valentino.

The main leitmotif of today's collections is 1980-e: broad shoulders, kitten-heels and voluminous trouser suits. It is important to note that 1980 is now rethought - they are more restrained and minimalistic. 1990-e and the Soviet style, in my opinion, gradually go out of fashion, giving way to the desire to dress up. Here, the indisputable trend - historicism, Victorian ruffles, jabos, bulging sleeves - is an absolute must have, and it's all very easy to find in vintage stores

Marina Chuikina
The owner of the vintage store STROGO vintage, one of the organizers of the Vintage Marketplace


Never get rid of jewelry and accessories. Who knows, maybe it's behind your glasses or bag that fashion hunters from around the world will be hunting.

Never throw out accessories: scarves, scarves, sunglasses and especially ornaments. Collecting magnets, toys, wooden spoons is meaningless. Collect jewelry (and speech here, of course, not only about jewelry) is much more interesting and practical. Imagine that someday these treasures will pass to your daughters or granddaughters. Buy unlocked necklaces, giant chandelier earrings, 1960-style clips, unusual brooches, sets of rings. Even casual diadems take care of, like an imperial crown. Saint Laurent already set the fashion for tiaras last year, and she liked many. Who knows who of the brands this idea will like again, but suddenly Demna Gvasalia already rubs her hands.

Things with a story

Even if it seems to you that at the moment you will never wear a conditional skirt, blouse, turtleneck (underline it), but at the same time you involuntarily spread out into a smile and immerse yourself in memories of travel, sit-down with close people, dancing all night long, thing in a long-term vacation. Clothes, which are associated with joyful moments, definitely worth leaving in your life.

If there are pleasant memories associated with a particular thing, do not rush to get rid of it. Perhaps, over time, you will try on some kind of skirt or sweater and again plunge into a happy moment.

I am constantly immersed in the wardrobe and moms, grandmothers, and grandfathers, and everywhere I find something relevant. I wear my mother's jeans Lee with a high fit, grandmother's dimensionless cloak and grandfather's sweaters and shirts. Besides, the family laughs at me - these things have lain on the mezzanines of the decade, and it never occurred to anyone to put them on again. I'm a big fan of the silhouette in the style of New look - with a narrow waist and a lush skirt; my mother I dug up a completely fantastic deuce with a print in the style of Matisse - my grandmother bought her this Bulgarian costume, when my mother was 20 years old - today I'm all complimented when I wear it, it is absolutely beautiful

Marina Chuikina
The owner of the vintage store STROGO vintage, one of the organizers of the Vintage Marketplace


Amal Clooney in a vintage coat from Balmain; Alexa Chang in a vintage trench from Burberry.

If you were in vintage shops in the West, then you could not help noticing the slender rows of the legendary trench from Burberry. They cost differently: sometimes you can snatch a raincoat for 200 euros, sometimes for 700, and even more expensive. In any case, there is always a demand for this wardrobe item. The right coloring, beautiful checkered lining, perfect fit, length - in them every detail is perfect.

If you have a favorite trench that fits almost any thing from the wardrobe, never give it up, even if it's a hundred-five hundred years old, even if you wear it from season to season.

How to learn to separate one-day things from treasures

Our expert believes that the main role in the selection is of quality: "First of all, I advise you to save the wardrobe from things from cheap fabrics (synthetics, by the way, there are also different - and sometimes very high quality), boring, lost silhouette and frankly unfashionable - these are things that have gone out of fashion relatively recently and do not have much value - they are unlikely to once again come in useful. "

Vintage coat from Sportmax; vintage coat from Hermes.

To better understand what trends have the property to return and what is relevant now, in addition to modern fashion magazines (especially focusing on high-quality European publications), I recommend viewing archival footage (this is very much in blogs), look at retrospective exhibitions of designers of the past, in Vintage shops and do not miss the various markets devoted to vintage fashion

Marina Chuikina
The owner of the vintage store STROGO vintage, one of the organizers of the Vintage Marketplace

Source: | Tatyana Pyatiy

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