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Choose a holiday dress-type figure

Choosing clothes, should take into account not only the extent to which this particular outfit is combined with your style and way of life, but also the extent to which the chosen outfit skillfully emphasizes the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws as well camouflages your imperfections. On the eve of the festive season stylists offer recommendations on the selection of "right" for you party dresses, matching the type of figure.

Find out what should be these types of figures as apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and square.

The figure in the form of an apple

In order to disguise the stomach, back and shoulders, choose a dress like a pull-down down that highlight the potential of your trump card - his feet. Additionally, you can choose a dress with a neckline at the assembly, which would detract from the stomach. The owner of such a figure, it is important to create an optically proportional figure, avoiding adjacent silhouettes playing with the structure of the fabric and its shape.


Pear-shaped figure

To hide pronounced hips and buttocks, choose loose-fitting dresses that emphasize the waist and chest, creating the illusion of the necessary proportions. It is desirable to avoid a mini-dresses that can emphasize the buttocks, as well as complement the dress shoes with heels that give a figure most graceful.



Happy owner of such figures can carry everything they want. But particularly well they will look in dresses that emphasize the waist and hips, showing the slender proportions of the figure. Are you sure you can also select a style fitting dresses and silhouettes with an open back.


Inverted Triangle

In order to reduce the volume of the shoulders and chest, choose a dress with sleeves and skirts which visually enhance the hips. Avoid clothes with decorative top, otherwise the figure will look even more massive. The corresponding alternative is exquisite lace dresses, which will attract more attention to you.



In this case it is necessary to adopt the recommendations that were given to owners of figures such as an apple. But this figure problem areas is not the top, so the clothes can you go with short sleeves or no sleeves. It is also worth emphasizing and legs that have this type of figure is usually long and slender. Create a waist will help you a variety of decorative items and contrasting combinations of fabrics.