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10 superfoods for active lifestyles

Experts agree that the way to a beautiful figure and good health first step - it is a balanced diet, followed by the and physical activity. Certified physiotherapist Ieva Kundzinya of fitness studio recommends 10 "superfoods" - is especially useful for the organism, which must be at the beginning of the year on the menu each active person.

"The beginning of the new year - an excellent opportunity to put yourself new goals or realize the long-pondered plans. If you want to live more actively and with greater health benefits, remember - are important moderation and balance. This applies not only to physical activity, but also on habits nutrition. Therefore, to have strength and health, should be regularly, with the right intensity and move in the right amounts, as well as diverse and fun to eat! "- said Kundzinya.

Avocado considered one of the healthiest foods. It comprises a plurality of microelements, vitamins and minerals, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, which enhance the health of the cardiovascular system.

The fish contains a lot of protein, essential fatty acids omega-3, minerals and vitamins. Most of them, for example, salmon, mackerel, trout, herring.

Cheese or cottage cheese lowfat. Cheese - a valuable source of calcium. Especially recommended cheese with reduced fat content, e.g., Trikata Light. In terms of nutritional value of this cheese - a valuable source of protein than the classic Dutch and Russian. Light means that the "easy" cheese 14% total fat, wherein the protein therein is much larger - 100 grams of product contain 30% proteins. The cottage cheese, too, have the essential amino acids, it is also one of the main sources of minerals, and therefore it is important to physically active people to take it for food.

Pepper Chile does not seem so searing, if you take it in food regularly. It destroys harmful to the stomach and intestinal bacteria. Chile gives energy - in fact, it is proven that it increases the level of "happiness hormones", ie endorphins in an organism.

Nuts (especially wood, walnuts, almonds and Brazil) contain iron and proteins. They - one of the richest sources of dietary fiber in the diet. They improve the intestinal microflora and its operation, as well as reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Remember to observe moderation, taking the nuts to eat!

Kefir - A milk product included in the list of the most healthy, as it improves the intestinal microflora, reduces appetite and regulate digestion.

Buckwheat - A rich source of fiber, which serves as a "brush for the intestines." Buckwheat contains a lot of protein and essential amino acids. It creates a feeling of satiety and does not contain a lot of calories.

Broccoli - Is one of the "superfoods", is extremely rich in vitamins, trace elements and valuable proteins. Broccoli - one of the most valuable vegetable contains few calories and lots of fiber.

Apples. No wonder they say "An apple a day keeps doctor away!" ("an apple a day - and do not have to call the doctor"). Apples contain fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. They help control appetite.

Lemons. Water with these fruit juice or strengthens the immune system and normalizes blood pH, reducing the acidity of the medium in the body. If the body is suffering from acidity, the compromised immune system, health, there is a weakness and a feeling of heaviness. Lemon water cleanses the body.


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