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Pancakes, pancakes and Blinky: 5 recipes

Prepare thin and thick pancakes, Blinky and blinochki to please all their loved ones, and not only their Carnival.

Secrets regular pancakes:

1. Ingredients for the pancake dough should not be cold - only room temperature or warmer. But pan ideally need to have a cast-iron. If not, then just a good, high quality.

2. Once the dough is cooked, let it brew for 30 minutes to gluten flour a little swollen. Pancakes will be more flexible, will not break during baking.

3. Oven pancakes need to slowly, over medium heat - then they will be nice reddening. At the beginning of the baking pan must be as warm.

4. If the recipe pancakes there vegetable oil the pan during baking lubricate almost not necessary (for the very first pancake it should be lubricated, regardless of the recipe). If spring stick, take an onion, Cut it in half, and plant on a fork. Pour oil into a saucer and gently dipping onion in it, lubricate the pan before you bake it in a pancake. Liberally grease the pan is not necessary.

5. Before you dial a new batch of dough, be sure to mix it - that the flour is settled to the bottom of the dough all the time and remained homogeneous.

Recipe for pancakes soda

You'll need: 1 cup flour, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of soda water, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 eggs, soda (half a teaspoon), a few drops of vinegar.

Set aside the eggs, put out the soda and vinegar mixed with flour and other ingredients. Now you need to add the eggs and mix again. To obtain a homogeneous dough, no lumps, please use a blender or mixer.

Recipe pancakes on beer

You will need: 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of beer, 2 eggs, teaspoon soda, a tablespoon of sugar, 4 tablespoons vegetable oil, and flour.

Mix ingredients in the order in which they are adding so much flour to the dough as it turned sour.

Recipe for pancakes serum

You will need: 1 liter whey, 2 eggs, 40-50 ml. vegetable oil, a teaspoon of baking soda, a pinch of salt and sugar, 1,5 liters of water.

First you mix a good whey, eggs, salt and sugar. Add flour to the dough turned out like a very thick cream. You put oil and again thoroughly mixed. After that - soda.
Boil water and pour a trickle in the dough, which in this case must be continuously stirring. Observe that it turned out not too liquid - otherwise the pancakes will stick to the pan.

Shrove Tuesday pancakes

Ingredients: 100 g flour, 350 ml milk, 60 g butter, 1 egg
1 yolks, pinch of salt, 2 orange, 50 ml of brandy, 200 g frozen, 2 Art. spoons of sugar.

Melt 50 g butter. Sift the flour, add the egg and egg yolk, milk, salt, and melted butter Stir dough. Leave the dough for half an hour "to breathe." Preheat the frying pan and bake properly thin pancakes. With orange peel cut thin petals, oranges divided into slices, remove the membrane. Melt 10 g butter, add sugar, zest and few slices of orange. After 2-3 minutes in a frying pan put a folded pancake, add the brandy and ignite. To do the same with the remaining pancakes. Serve hot with a scoop of ice cream.

Recipe pancakes with kefir

You will need: 3 cup of yogurt, 2 eggs, half a teaspoon of soda and salt, 4 tablespoons starch, 8 heaped tablespoons flour, 3 tablespoons sunflower oil and sugar to taste (but not more than 3 tablespoons)

Vzbey yolks with the sugar. Add to kefir soda, stir and let stand for a few minutes. Then mix the beaten egg yolks, starch, flour and yogurt (to obtain a homogeneous dough, add yogurt parts). Vzbey proteins with salt and mixed with vegetable oil. Add this mixture to the batter and stir it well.

Pancakes with caviar

milk - 1 liters, vegetable oil - 30 g sugar - 1 tbsp salt - 1 tsp eggs - 3 pieces, flour - 400 g, red caviar - 100 g butter - 50 city

Method of preparation:

1. Beat the eggs with salt and sugar, add the vegetable oil, flour and whisk well.

2. Stir this mixture with warm milk. The dough should be like liquid sour cream.

3. Pancakes fry in butter. Cool.

4. Accordion folded pancakes and wrap. Gives the appearance of rosettes.

5. Pancakes place on a plate in a circle. In the middle of the pancake to lay eggs. In the center grate well chilled butter. Serve.

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