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What to cook for the holiday table in the Year of the Monkey?

Seven delicious and important rules that, according to the predictions of the East, will bring luck in 2016 year.

#1. Do not skimp!

New Year's Eve 2015 / 2016 should be gorgeous as ever. This rule applies to appointments and treats. Put everything on the table is so expensive and sophisticated as you just can not afford it. Pre-plan your budget - this time to save on delicacies, you should not.


If the red color in clothes in the fire monkey year, many are treated with great caution - do not want to waste tease sacred animal. So that's on the table this searing shade of the place. Prepare dishes with an abundance of red, purple and orange ingredients - poteshte fiery temperament mascot. It can be all kinds of recipes with tangerines, tomatoes, peppers, beets, strawberries ... Traditional sandwiches with red caviar will fall very handy!

#3. Fruit Paradise

According to ancient customs, the table on New Year's Eve should be decorated with 12 different fruits - one juicy symbol for each month. A happy dozen: pineapple, apple, mango (they symbolize happiness), watermelon and orange (for money), pomelo and peach (longevity), lemon and kiwi (against negative emotions), grapes (symbol of luxury), papaya (strong health). An excellent compromise is a canape-kanope: cut fruit into pieces and make of them "shish kebabs". In the center of the table, put a bunch of ripe bananas and do not forget at the curtain of the evening to bite from your beloved monkey fruit at least one piece.


Individual attention desserts. It is known that mischievous monkey - noble sweet tooth, so there should be many delicacies and different from chocolate and marshmallow to cakes and ice cream.

#5 Vega celebration!

Ideally, this year's New Year's menu to exclude from any meat and fish, leaving on the table only products of plant origin. Give yourself a will for a variety of salads and cook, such as ratatouille. A special honor are all legumes (lentils on to green peas), is considered a symbol of prosperity. Spicing up meals should be at the expense of herbs and spices - is another sign of lucky that the year will be held and fragrant "with a twinkle." The festive top - thyme, lemon balm, coriander and oregano.

If no hot meat new year to you is not nice, do a little indulgence in respect of white poultry meat: chicken or turkey.

#6 Lightness of Being

Monkey does not like too much fatty food. Therefore, if you decide to follow Eastern rites, it's time to count calories and eliminate junk food from the diet of the holiday. There is no "holiday syndrome belly" - any nutritionist will tell you thank you. An excellent opportunity to prepare a light-version of the most famous hearty.

#7 Most juice

Keep fruit and berry theme - natural juices and fruit drinks. Do not blame me, but if you want to catch a lucky monkey's tail, it is the main drink at your desk. However, against the classic champagne mad mascot of the year I do not mind. Monkey - fussy animal, and because you need a holiday to meet the most positive, loud and fun. And forgive you quiet neighbors!


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