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How to cook chestnuts: Tips and Recipes

Chestnuts our compatriots rarely associated with a delicious dish, and often with a tree on urban roadsides. So, how and from what they eat chestnuts.

Note that those chestnuts that we can gather in the park, are not suitable for eating. Edible chestnuts often brought to us from the Caucasus.

Before you begin to cook chestnuts should clean them well. To do this, first remove them from the outer shell and the membrane, due to which they can taste bitter. It is also recommended to clean them with a dry brush.

To better deep fried chestnuts, invert them periodically.

Desirable to make small incisions on them so they do not burst.

Recipes with chestnuts:

Roasted chestnuts

Make small incisions on the flat side of chestnuts, put them on a well heated pan (not Teflon coated) and cover with a lid and bring to readiness. You will realize that roasted chestnuts already when they were about to burst. Serve hot.

Braised chestnuts with mint

Peeled chestnuts need scalded with boiling water and remove them with brown skin. Now fill it with cold water and add a teaspoon to 0,5 salts and sugars. Now add a few mint leaves. Boil them not to medium heat with the addition of butter (about 1 tablespoons). Stew chestnuts are about 1 hours.

Roasted chestnuts

Cooked in the oven, they become even more fragrant. To do this, lay peeled chestnuts on a baking cuts up. Bake them at a temperature of about 180 20 degrees minutes.

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