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How to eat fruit correctly

Fruit - one of the few foods that can be eaten raw. And that is to use them best that way. Any thermal processing (cooking, canning, etc.) destroys a large amount of nutrients contained in them.

For example, vitamin C, kills not only heat treatment, but also air ingress simple fruit. Therefore, some fruits (apples, pears) is recommended to use not only raw, but intact, not cutting them.

Olga Androsov
endocrinologist network of medical clinics "Family"

Fruits and lose the beneficial properties of prolonged storage. That is why it is important, firstly, seasonal fruit fly, and secondly, not try to keep them in the refrigerator for a long time.

Of course, in our latitudes is not always ripe fruit - in the winter they do not mature, and we have no choice but to buy the exotic. The best option in this case - citrus fruit, especially mandarins. They ripen in late autumn, do not require special treatment for them, and they contain a large supply of vitamin C. Also during the cold season, you can pay attention to the kiwi.

Many people prefer to eat fruit after a meal, for dessert. However, in this case, they, mixing with the other food in the stomach, ferment, heartburn and flatulence.

There are better fruit separately from other products on an empty stomach. Best of all - during breakfast. They are easy to digest, thus give a lot of energy and effort. They also speed up the metabolism. The other food after the fruit can be eaten only after the time - up from 30 50 minutes.

Olga Androsov
endocrinologist network of medical clinics "Family"

Although fruits and useful, they need to have in moderation. Fiber and other substances in the composition of their strong influence on the intestinal function, and fruit in large quantities can cause diarrhea, leading to loss of nutrients and dehydration or constipation.

It is recommended to eat no more than 400 g of fruit per day (approximately 5 handfuls adult). This is enough to get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber and other useful items.

Olga Androsov
endocrinologist network of medical clinics "Family"

Despite the fact that the fruit is best eaten alone, with nothing confusing, some combinations still did not reduce their favor, and even increase. All fruits can be classified according to the degree of acidity in the sweet, sour and semi-acid. Fruits within each group may have with each other. Their effect will be the same on the body, will not cause fermentation.

Sweet fruit - is bananas, figs, persimmons, dried fruits. They should not interfere with other fruits, but they make a good duo yogurt products.

To include sour citrus and pomegranates, pineapples. They also go well with dairy products, cheeses, nuts and herbs.

Semi-acid fruits - apricots, apples, pears, plums and watermelons - you can combine both with sweet and sour with fruit, with milk products, cheese and nuts.

Melons, grapes, peaches better with nothing not mix.

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