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How to cook pork knuckle for the holiday table

The first shank recipes appeared in the Czech Republic, they quickly became popular in Russia, Germany and other countries. Jellied and roll out of this meat will be luxurious decoration New Year's table, of course, if you properly prepare the shin and not take the time to prepare it.

How to prepare the shin to bake?

To dish of shank turned out tender to select the meat properly. For the main dishes is better to buy from the back of the shin, which is closer to ham, ie, above the shin. A handy front pork leg for brawn.

Before you bake meat, leg roasted with fire, and then scraped and cleaned well, leave for 2 hours in milk or water. Then the meat is cooked with spices, marinated in sauce, mustard or other marinade and then baked.

How to bake the shin?

Pork legs may be baked in foil. It will take a bit of ingredients: the leg itself, mustard, garlic cloves, allspice, bay leaf, salt, oil.

Meat scraped and washed, make cuts and put them on the garlic cloves. Prepare the sauce: the remaining crushed garlic and bay leaf, mix it with mustard, salt and butter. This sauce smeared shin, wrap the meat in foil and bake at 180 2 degrees an hour.

For baking, you can take and other spices: rosemary, cumin, thyme, basil, marjoram and allspice. You can not be afraid, and add them together. First boiled knuckle 3 hours with spices, onions and carrots, then marinated in mustard and soy sauce, then baked at 1,5 200 hours degrees.

The recipe for aspic with shank

Jelly - a regular guest at the New Year's table. It is made from virtually any meat including from shank. For aspic need 1 pork knuckle (about 2 kg), according 1 onion and carrots, salt and spices (bay leaf, nutmeg, black pepper). Decorate the dish can be sliced ​​carrots, dill or parsley.

Skin legs thoroughly cleaned and scraped with a knife and put on washed 12 hours in cold water. It is important not to forget to change the fluid every 2 hours. Then put in a pan with whole carrots and onion, salt and cook on low heat 4 hours, not forgetting to remove the foam. After that, turn off the fire, pull out and cooled shin, separate meat from bones and broth filtered. Onion discarded and carrots cut into slices. At the bottom of a deep form spread the meat and carrots, pour the broth, put on top of a few sprigs of dill. The dish is put in the refrigerator and after complete solidification served to the table.