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How to decorate a cake

Holy Week prepares delicious and beautiful cake can be purchased at almost any store. But if you decide to bake (or already baked) cake by yourself, without decoration can not do! Perhaps, in this case it will be useful our ideas. So, you can decorate the cake:

protein glaze

According to many chefs, if other than whole eggs into the dough and add more egg yolks (or use only them), Cake will particularly lush, airy crumb with a nice yellow color. And if you follow this advice, the remaining "orphan" proteins just can be used to glaze - just like in our step by step recipe.

Decorated Easter cake from the restaurant il FORNO there is nothing superfluous - only a sprinkling icing and pastry

The protein is easy to prepare the icing: the proteins need to mix with sugar (to egg protein 1 1 usually taken Art. l. sugar), set the bowl with proteins in a water bath and heat, whisking constantly, until 50-60 ° C temperature. If there is a kitchen thermometer, you can simply omit the finger in protein mass - must be hot. It is important not to overheat the proteins, or they will fold. When the protein mass reaches the desired temperature, remove the bowl from the water bath and whisk still 10 minutes until stable peaks. By the end of whipping the mass cools, it becomes a lush, smooth and shiny. If desired, the glaze can be added food coloring. Apply the protein can be the icing on the cakes with a spatula, pastry bag or a tablespoon. If you wish, you can sprinkle the top colored sugar, chocolate chip, sugar beads, etc.

The restaurant "45-th parallel" cake decorated with icing protein (flowers slightly singeing burner) and colored candy sprinkles, and "crowned" - covered wafer protein mass of puff pastry with the letters "XB" of chocolate glaze

Sugar sweet

The easiest and most budget option frosting (not just cakes, but also cakes and pastries) -pomadka of powdered sugar. There are several different fudge recipes. The easiest: 1 / 3 cups powdered sugar Pour into a deep bowl. Gradually, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix. Once all the powder gets wet, and the weight is more dense - the glaze is ready.

We are used to cover the cake sweet, but in the past (evidence of this - the book Helen Molokhovetz "A Gift to Young Housewives," written more than a hundred years ago) cake decorated with nuts and sugar, that after baking become caramelized. And I used the decor of rolled and cut dough like a loaf, but not the leaves and flowers, and a cross or the letters "XB".

Maria Reshetnikov
pastry chef pastry first online school in Russia Bakerschool

chocolate ganache

This is not quite the traditional version of the cover cake appreciate shokomany. 100 g chocolate should be melted in a water bath, add 100 ml cream, mix well and pour the mass on the cake. Before pouring, add the chocolate icing marshmallow - "cap" cake will look very original!


Fully "dressing" cake in the mastic, of course, is not necessary. It is better to sculpt figurines out of it - flowers, leaves, and then place them on a beautiful already covered with icing or fondant cakes. In the most simple recipe of paste can be made from condensed milk, powdered sugar and powdered moloka- the ingredients you need to take in equal proportions. First mix the condensed milk and milk powder, and then rolling the mass of the working surface of the dough, gradually pour powdered sugar. The finished weight is hard, but elastic and does not stick to your hands and work surface. Store mastic can be in a sealed container or bag in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. If you want to get a little warm in the microwave and roll. Flowers of mastic can be decorated with any baked goods easily and very quickly.

Pastry Chef of the restaurant "Jug" Ermak Svetlana decided to decorate cakes with flowers and leaves of the mastic

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