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As spinach struggling with obesity

Structures contained in spinach helps to reduce weight, experts have established the University of Lund. This thylakoids (limited membrane structure, located in the chloroplast stroma), which slows down the process of digestion and promotes the development of "satiety hormone" in the gut, writes HNGN. Of leafy vegetables has the largest concentration of thylakoids is observed in spinach.

But the body is not able to split the thylakoids by selecting them from fresh spinach. So spinach need to grind and filter to get the thylakoids. It has already been proven: thylakoids inhibits the digestion of fat around the intestines. When food enters the distal intestine, begins to produce hormones saturation. And this signal to the brain telling the whole body of satisfying hunger. Processed foods involve only the upper intestine, so hormones are not produced by saturation. But thylakoids change everything.

When a group of volunteers were given thylakoids, people feel less hungry and less experienced craving for food during the day. People do not consume food more than three times a day. Thylakoids comprise different substances - galactolipids, proteins, vitamins A, E, K, antioxidants, beta-carotene, lutein.

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