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Named vegetable that helps to get pregnant

World nutritionists recommend to couples who dream of offspring, often include diet dishes Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts do not often appear on the dining table Russians. And it is in vain! According to nutritionist Nima Savvides, hidden in this product not only useful vitamins and minerals, but also substances naturally increase the level of fertility in men and women. High content of folic acid in foods increase sperm count in men. For the female body folic acid is not less important. It affects the saturation of uterine walls right nutrients, which in turn significantly increases the chances of survival for sperm.

In addition, most recently in the vegetable phytochemicals found Diindolymethane whose action also increases the chances of a successful conception. It contributes to the female body by taking in a balanced level of the hormone estrogen, a substance that interacts with external estrogen and eventually contributes to the removal of the so-called excess hormones.

Earlier, American scientists have discovered. that to increase your chances of conceiving, you must use whole milk products. A few years ago Briton Garry Burks, known as the father of the oldest in the world, said that to conceive a child in old age he helped the banana diet.

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