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The basic properties of spices and their effects on the body

Autumn and winter - it's time to spice. They warm us from the inside, and sometimes gives the dish a delicate flavor and are cozy (as in the case of cinnamon and vanilla).


It improves digestion, removes bad breath, strengthens the stomach and liver. Well neutralizes toxins, purifies the blood, strengthens the heart. It improves memory, normalizing the cerebral circulation.

Ginger and Garlic

Promotes weight loss. Contained in these products active substance immediately after a meal, briefly increase metabolism. They provoke the body to the heat and spend the extra calories.

Cumin and fennel

They contain substances that help fight coughs.


It helps nausea and headache.


It helps to remove excess fluid from the body and improves digestion.


Reduces bloating. It contains essential oils which increase bowel movements and help fight chronic constipation.


It contains a variety of phenols - natural antioxidants that protect the body from inflammation and even the ability to deal with the development of diabetes.


It reduces appetite, promotes healing of wounds, has an antibacterial effect.


Refreshing and invigorating. Gently stimulates digestion. Strengthens the heart, relieves pain in cardiovascular diseases. It improves cerebral blood circulation, relieves spasms of blood vessels. Reduces the activity of the thyroid gland during its enhanced functions. It has expectorant and antispasmodic action with bronchitis. Add the tea, coffee, meat dishes.


It has tonic properties. It promotes healing of wounds, treatment of pneumonia.

Chile pepper

Has krovoochistitelnym action to suppress putrefactive intestinal flora, removes constipation, kills intestinal parasites. Increase blood circulation, removes blood clots. It clears the sweat glands. It is rich in vitamin C, has a diaphoretic effect. It is used for colds.

Black pepper

It strengthens memory. Cleanses the blood vessels of the brain, cerebral blood flow normalizes, indicated for sinusitis, tonzelitah, bronchitis, heart disease.


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