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Cake with smoked sausage, cheese and fresh vegetables

Cake from flaky pastry with smoked sausage, cheese and fresh vegetables.


  • 5 sheets of puff pastry
  • 2 zucchini
  • 4 bulbs
  • 150 g smoked sausage
  • 120 g grated cheese "DZHYUGAS"
  • olive oil


Cut zucchini into thin slices and cook for about a minute 1 in water; cast water and leave. Cut sausage into thin slices and leave. Fry onion until nicely not fry leave.

In a tin oven put 2 sheet of puff pastry and sprinkle with olive oil. It put half fried onions, zucchini, sausage and cheese "Dzhyugas." Top put 2 other puff pastry sheet and spray them with olive oil. It put the rest of the ingredients.

Cover with the last sheet of puff pastry, sprinkle with olive oil. Oven 10 minutes at 180 º C.

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