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Herring with milk and much more: that with what you can not eat?

Classic anecdote about the effect on the body that can have simultaneous eating herring (or pickles) with milk known probably all. But problems with digestion and can bring a combination of other products, and to be remembered for everyone.

But first - a little digression. Knowledge of what products should not be combined, come to us, usually from parents - who, in turn, get them from grandparents. That is the issue of food preferences of each particular family, much depends on "folk wisdom" food traditions, which can vary dramatically across cultures. Classic example: hardly Italians will eat pasta and bread, while in Russia meets tradition there with bread literally everything, including dumplings. Dough with the dough? Yes, it is illogical. But there are no obvious problems to human health is a combination of products creates.

However, there are products that are still not recommended to combine mealtime because they are digested at different rates; nutrients contained therein may be neutralized; and inconveniences that arise in humans, may not be limited unexpected trips to the toilet.

Cola milk

You can achieve an interesting effect if you try to first drink a carbonated beverage like Coca-Cola, and then - a dairy product. The chemical reaction that begins immediately after the stomach is likely to bring you many exciting moments. Here's how it looks about:

Starch with acid fruits

If you mix starchy foods (such as bread) with acidic fruits (oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, pineapples, pomegranates, lemons, gooseberries, cranberries, sour apples, pears, plums, apricots, grapes), and those and other products at least lose their beneficial qualities. In the worst case you may have problems with digestion.

Fruit after the holiday table

First salad, then hot, then sweet and dessert - fruit. First hot meals are digested much longer, and until the turn comes to fruit, it may take half an hour. A fruit is already beginning to be digested after the first 15 minutes. The result - a heaviness in the stomach, heartburn and other not the most pleasant sensation.

Beer with peanuts

A classic combination, but the fact that you like the taste of these products does not prove that they can be safely combined. Peanut is not related to the family of nuts, as is generally thought, and to legumes. In combination with alcohol beans lose all their beneficial properties and just become a heavy product to the body.

Sweets and starchy foods or protein

Jams, syrups, sugar ... Together with proteins and starchy food sweets ferment, promotes the decomposition of other products. Therefore, it is best to eat it separately. Exception - honey. It is undesirable to combine only with products of animal origin.

Classical: rum and Coke and coffee and a sandwich

Drinking Soda is becoming increasingly popular. The effect of this combination is very simple and rapid intoxication, with very high probability, severe hangover in the morning. Before the party it should be borne in mind. And in the morning you may well want to habitually drink coffee and a sandwich. No problem, however, you should remember that caffeine prevents the absorption of nutrients, which were to be kept in food. The stomach is full, use - no.

PS By the way, I wonder what herring and milk - an explosive mixture is not for everyone, there are many people who have this combination of products does not cause any inconvenience.

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