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Mediterranean diet stop diabetes

The Mediterranean diet is consistently among the top three most effective and healthy diets. And scientists from Spain found one of her advantage.

It turns out that the observance of the Mediterranean diet can help prevent diabetes in people who are at risk for cardiovascular disease. Mediterranean diet "work", even if they do not tend to lose weight or increase physical activity.

The study of Spanish scholars attended volunteers at risk of cardiovascular disease, which followed the rules of the Mediterranean diet, which consisted mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and healthy fats (olive oil or nuts). As it turned out, this meal plan for 4 years reduced to 30 percent chance of developing diabetes type 2.

None of the participants in this case did not cut calories and increase physical activity. The majority of the volunteers observed a little change in body weight during the study period. They also found that the introduction of fat in the diet is olive oil for another 40 percent reduces the risk of developing this disease.

Previous studies have found that weight loss and exercise may help to some extent, prevent diabetes, but the new results show that if only dietary changes can reduce the risk of developing the incurable chronic disease - at least in some people.

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