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Slim figure: 5 star tricks

These useful celebrity secrets useful to all! After all, to follow the stellar example, does not necessarily have a personal nutritionist or be rich and famous.

1. Glass of water in the morning

With a glass of water with lemon juice like to start my morning Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Elizabeth Hurley, Beyonce, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Roberts and many other stars. Nutritionists actively approve such a habit: a morning drink energizes and speeds up metabolism. However, if you have hyperacidity or chronic diseases of the stomach, consult a gastroenterologist: perhaps he will advise to drink clean water without adding lemon or honey to drink was not so sour.

2. A hearty breakfast, a light dinner

Most Hollywood stars prefer breakfast tight, especially if to be a day of shooting. And celebrities are right! Should take example from them, even if in the morning has no appetite: A hearty breakfast will guarantee the well-being during the day and the fact that the evening would not wake up ravenous appetite. Angelina Jolie certainly eats for breakfast protein - low-fat cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, turkey or fish. Meg Ryan usually starts the day with an omelette or toast with cheese, and lunch, eating dark chocolate. And Julia Roberts and many other star fans lifting the famous Dr. Perricone diet breakfast even tighter: menu may include protein omelet and salmon, and oatmeal with berries. But dinner can be minimal: the night cram nowhere.

3. Vegetables and fruits throughout the day

They are low in calories, permanently leave a feeling of satiety, they contain useful carbohydrates provide energy and improve digestion of dietary fiber (as is well known, the correct operation of the digestive system is very important to be in shape, not to gain weight and feel good about themselves) . For example, one of the secrets of a good figure Catherine Zeta-Jones - her favorite cabbage and carrot soup. Top model Heidi Klum eve parties and gala dinners satisfied himself fasting day - eats lettuce. Fergie in similar situations also goes on salad, asparagus and more: there's little calories and vitamins, minerals and fiber much. And Angelina Jolie to have a perfect figure, not only involved in fitness at least four times a week, but also very attentive to their nutrition. Most of the diet actress up vegetables, herbs and savory fruit.

"In order to provide the body with the necessary amount of dietary fiber you need every day there are lots of different fruits, vegetables, sprouts, grains, legumes. If they are not enough in your diet, you eat or not monotonous like similar foods - help make up for the daily rate of biologically active food supplements. Most importantly, they are based on natural ingredients - the same fruits and vegetables. For example, Nutrilite A mixture of dietary fibers with inulin * contains a unique combination of two natural sources of soluble dietary fibers (guar gum and maltodextrin), and the extract of roots of chicory inulin which is a natural source.

Nutrilite dietary fiber * A mixture with inulin enables receive daily required amount of dietary fiber and inulin convenient way. Use of the product will benefit people who want to keep your digestive system healthy and increase your daily fiber intake. "

4. Split meals

Hollywood, and not just Hollywood, has long made it a rule to eat often (ideally 5-6 times a day) and small portions. For example, Anne Hathaway is watching to eat every 3-4 hours. And one of the most popular in Hollywood - Harley Pasternak's diet and diet «3-2-1», which fans of Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich, Megan Fox and other stars. The above diet is no accident involve three main meals and two snacks! This is perfect to not feel a strong hunger and loss of strength, as well as maintain a good metabolism, because scientifically proven that if the body begins to starve - your metabolism slows.

5. Food color and color plates

It is believed that the dishes warm shades increases appetite and cold, on the contrary, decreases. The most dangerous for slimming color tableware: yellow, orange, red. They "incite" appetite. Another tricky secret opened Kelly Osbourne, which this year has managed to not only lose weight is phenomenal, but keep the weight: color plates of food and not have to match. If they look like - we inevitably eat more than you need.

* Is not a drug. There are contraindications.

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