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Pumpkin - head around why this vegetable can be eaten raw and that is oil and walnut pumpkin

For many years in Latvia estimate the pumpkin on different parameters, paying attention not only to the size and taste. Pumpkin can be used for the preparation of both sweet and savory dishes. Ilze Yurkane introduce you to the different varieties of pumpkins and flavor combinations.

Pumpkin - a berry for every taste

"He who says he does not like pumpkin, just have not found her," - said the owner of K / Kliblapsas Ilze Venterzute. The population of this year, the most popular pumpkin, which can be eaten raw or baked in the microwave, as well as walnut, oil, nutmeg and juice varieties. They differ from each other and texture, and taste.

"For those who like cream soups, I recommend to cook the pumpkin cream soup pumpkin nut - she is sweet and very useful, because it contains a lot of beta-carotene, even more than the carrot," - says Ilze Yurkane. "In turn, the fry a better grade specifically designed for this purpose.

Pumpkin, intended for frying, fine-grained and dry flesh, so they are great for cooking in a frying pan. This variety is especially appetizing thanks to its taste, which is reminiscent of beans, and the result of cooking will be temptingly crunchy. "Those who do not have enough time to prepare a solid meal may like a pumpkin for a microwave, which got its name because of its small size, it is convenient to put it in a microwave It is recommended to use an oil pumpkin for sweet dishes, it contains a lot of gelatin, which makes it possible to cook various puddings and creams from it.

Vitamin bomb

Pumpkin contains a lot of valuable vitamins, minerals and other essential substances, for example, amino acids, vitamin C, B vitamins, carotene, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium and copper, which are important for the proper metabolism. In addition, the pumpkin on 90% consists of water, which makes it a very good dietary product. In turn, gelatin, contained in pumpkin juice, helps to restore cartilage. "Pumpkin juice can also be combined with apples, carrots and other vegetables, I like it in combination with oranges - like a refreshing morning juice and instead of an afternoon coffee." Having drunk such a cocktail, you instantly feel a surge of energy and energy, "says Ilze Yurkane.

Endless options

"When we were at a party at the K / Kliblapsas and filmed the story for" the tastiest Latvian stories ", I made six dishes, but I could still get at least as much," - says I. Yurkane.

Cooking pumpkin can be used in different ways - in salads, soups, and desserts. In addition, it is worth noting that the pumpkin is a berry that can be used entirely: its seeds are very tasty in fried form, and the pulp is used in hundreds of different recipes. In turn, the skin can also be used, in a very curious way. It is dried and grinded in a coffee grinder, and the resulting powder is added to the soups - it gives a feeling of satiety. The powder is very concentrated and ideal for vegetarian and dietary dishes, allowing you to achieve a feeling of fullness without adding meat and without excess calories. This powder can also be sprinkled with salads, cottage cheese or porridge.


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