Today: April 23 2019
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About the Portal

Hello, dear user!

You probably saw a lot, looked through, closed off useless sites and links leading anywhere until you came across our resource - "CypLIVE". Sorry that we are so immediately on "YOU" - this is only from good motives, because we hope to be to you the most useful, not intrusive, albeit not quite an animated "electronic" friend.

Recently, we often hear on television and other means of mass media about various misadventures of our tourists: injuries, flight delays, fraud, bankruptcy of travel agencies and operators, and a lot of other horror stories. In some blame for holding, in some we are ourselves.

For "not very smart people" all these cases are only fertile ground for discussions, but for us with you - all this material for analysis and most importantly - the right conclusions.

We often faced with some or other problems in the field of tourism, immigration, the domestic appliance of immigrants from Russia and other countries in Cyprus, employment, etc. Accumulated, a great experience, which, we are sure to be useful to you.

In our website we have gathered together all that in disparate parts of the course you will be able to find on the Internet, but we have added information every specific issue and we intend to expand the range of topics, tips, articles and advice on all everyday issues.

In addition to all the information we have added a directory of organizations in Russian, boards of private free announcements and post service.

Our goal, honestly - to make the portal "CypLIVE" your homepage in the browser and a permanent consultant "for life." Therefore, if you have any suggestions or suggestions for improving the quality and expanding the services of the site - be sure to write to us. ALL treatment will be considered.

With respect to you,
Administration of the site CypLIVE.

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