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Larnaca (Larnaca) - a city and a resort in the south-eastern part of the island of Cyprus. The city is the third largest city after Nicosia and Limassol. The population is 80 000 people, but taking into account tourists number can be increased several times. Here is the largest airport of the island - Larnaca International Airport.

Larnaca is one of the quietest resorts in Cyprus, which is ideal for families with children and pensioners. The first will like the shallow sea (the most popular beach is Mackenzie, though quite noisy at times), and the second is the cozy hotels located far from noise, bustle and vibrant nightlife. But, of course, we can not say that there is nowhere to go in the evenings. Fans of entertainment will find and bars, and restaurants, and discos - they just are not as noticeable as in some other cities of Cyprus.

See the tourist map of Larnaca

Rest in Larnaca is also an opportunity to do yachting, which is very popular (not for nothing, yachtsmen from all over the world come here from May to September). If you like other water activities, then at your service motorcycles, skis, boats. Excellent opportunities for diving.

Berth with yachts in Larnaca

Interesting and the history of the city, which has several thousand years. According to legend, he was founded by Noah's grandson and named Cation. More details about this can be found in the City Museums.

Getting there

Near the city is the largest airport in Cyprus - Larnaca International Airport. From Russia and CIS countries, you can get to Larnaka by plane. But from Greece it is quite possible to sail by ferry.

From Moscow and St. Petersburg there are direct and connecting flights. In the high season of flights much more, and also charters are added, including from large cities - Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and others. There are several ways to get from the airport to Larnaca.


During the day, there are many bus services from the airport to the city. Directions is 1,5 euro.


If you want to go directly to the hotel, it is better to take a taxi. The trip will cost 15 euro, but this is at best for the shortest distance. In order not to waste time on arrival, the shuttle service can be booked in advance.

Car rental

For independent trips it is better to rent a car. In this case, you will comfortably travel to Cyprus from the first minute of your stay on the island. Rental offices are at the airport and at the resort.


Within the city there is a well-developed network bus routes. Trip is XNUMX евро. Также можно купить проездной на XNUMX день за XNUMX евро или на неделю за XNUMX евро. Что приятно, общественный транспорт ходит и ночью, правда тариф вырастает до XNUMX евро, а проездные не действуют. Вы можете заранее Pick up маршрут автобусов.

For comfortable trips you can use a taxi. Landing costs about 4 euros, and then 70 euro cents for 1 km. Available for booking online via airport transfers.

In Larnaca, rental bicycles and motorcycles are available. For the first, you have to pay a day from 6 euro, and for the second from 15 euro. If you are going to travel around Cyprus, it is better to rent a car.


Excursions in Larnaca deserve a separate story. The main attraction of the city, which can not be overlooked - a palm avenue on the waterfront. It looks very beautiful, especially in the evenings, when numerous lanterns are lit. Another attraction, but already natural - a lake with pink flamingos.

The Finikoudes waterfront in Larnaca

Also worth a visit in Larnaca:

  • Church of St. Lazarus,
  • Medieval castle (17 in.),
  • The Hala mosque Sultan Tekke,
  • mosaic 6 century,
  • Church of Panagia Angeloktisi,
  • Pottery workshop Emira Pottery,
  • excavations of Khirokitiya,
  • local museums (Ethnographic, Archaeological).

Resorts and beaches

The coastline stretches for about 25 km. Most of the beaches of Larnaca consist of gray sand, the central ones are awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates their cleanliness and developed infrastructure. Everywhere there are chaise lounges, umbrellas, showers, rescuers. Daily cleaned, which means you probably will not see garbage.

The beaches are different - some more populous, some less. They differ in terms of infrastructure and entertainment. For young people, you can recommend the Mackenzie beach, where discos take place every day. Pila, Pharos, Castella and Finikoudes are perfect for families with children, because they are calmer. The best place for snorkeling is the beach of Janates.


The climate of Larnaca, like the whole of Cyprus, is Mediterranean. From April to October, temperatures range from + 21 to + 32, in the cold season - from + 13 to + 15. In the sea you can swim 6-7 months a year (in summer it warms up to + 26-27 degrees).

The best time to visit is May and October, when it's not too hot and there are no crowds of tourists.

Weather in Larnaca by months

Weather in Larnaca by months

Air temperature during the day (° C)

Air temperature in the afternoon (° C) in Larnaca

Air temperature at night (° C)

Air temperature at night (° C) in Larnaca

Water temperature (° C)

Water temperature (° C) in Larnaca

Sundial hours per day

Sundial hours per day) in Larnaca

Bright time of day (hours)

Bright time of day (hours) in Larnaca

Number of rainy days

Number of rainy days) in Larnaca

Amount of precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (mm) in Larnaca


Prices for accommodation in hotels in Larnaca are low, in comparison with neighboring resorts. This is due to the fact that in the city there are almost no expensive 4-x and 5-star hotels. Nevertheless, most of them are located on the coast, on the first line. The rooms, as a rule, have air conditioning, satellite TV and internet, and in the territory there is often a swimming pool and a fitness center. Almost everywhere an extra bed is provided for the child. Babysitting services are also available.

For large companies or families with children it makes sense to rent apartments. They usually have a kitchen, and the total area will be more than in hotels.

Prices tend to increase from low to high. The largest selection of housing can be found at Booking .


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