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Nicosia (Greek - Lefkosia, tour - Lefkosa) is a city in the central part of the island of Cyprus, on the plain of Mesaoria, between the mountains of Troodos and Kyrenia, next to the Akaki River. Is the capital of the country. It is divided into 2 parts: Greek and Turkish. Total area - 111 sq. M. km. The local population is 270 000 people. There is no outlet to the sea, respectively, there is no beach holiday here.

Nicosia is well suited for those who are tired of relaxing at sea and want to get not only a bronze tan, but also to be enriched culturally. The history of the city is lost in the depths of centuries, but according to some sources, people lived here in the 7 century BC. The merging of two different cultures, two religions, Greece and Turkey, has generated many interesting sights. And although there is a clear boundary between the Turkish part of the city and the Greek, still the mutual influence is felt quite strongly.

See the tourist map of Nicosia

Also Nicosia is a large business, commercial and industrial center - ideal for inexpensive shopping.

Monument of Freedom in Nicosia

Getting there

Most get to Nicosia by bus, the blessing of the capital is connected by routes with many settlements of Cyprus. In general, getting into the city is best from the Greek part of the island, because if you come from the Turkish side, you may have problems visiting the Greek part. And the nearest airport to Nicosia is in Larnaca, at 40 km.


Directly at the airport you can take the bus, which for 8 Euro and 40 minutes will take you to Nicosia. (Kapnos Airport Shuttle)


To get from the airport directly to the hotel you can only take a taxi, the cars are on the way out of the arrivals area. Стоимость в районе XNUMX-XNUMX евро. Online transfer of transfers is available. In this case, you will be met by a driver with a sign that will save time on arrival.

Car rental

To enable you to explore all the corners of Cyprus, we recommend renting a car. There are many places on the island where public transport does not go, and a taxi will cost a lot. The airport has the largest selection of cars and rental companies with a worldwide reputation. Pre-booking significantly reduces the cost of renting a car, especially during the high tourist season.


To inspect the main attractions you will not need transport, because they are located quite compactly. Although some will have to travel to the city buses, as well as to neighboring regions and cities.

Для поездок между городами можно заранее Pick up маршрут автобусов или для более комфортного перемещения воспользоваться такси, не забудьте попросить водителя включить счетчик.


Большинство достопримечательностей расположено в Старом городе: Кафедральный Собор Иоанна Богослова, Церковь Богородицы Фанеромени и Хрисалиниотисса, мечеть Селимийе. Обязательно загляните в один из музеев, а лучше во все - Археологический, Византийский, Этнографический, Муниципальный, Ювелирный, Художественный. Посетите старинные улочки Лайки Гитонья, где сохранились лавочки различных ремесленников.

Cathedral of St. John the Theologian in Nicosia

Nicosia is also very good in that, in addition to city attractions, you can book an excursion to any place on the island, which represents at least some interest from the tourist point of view.


The climate of Nicosia is Mediterranean. It is a little hotter, because there is no sea breeze that cools the air in the resort cities of Cyprus. In summer, average temperatures range from + 25 to + 30, in winter - from + 15 to + 18. Rains, mainly, go in the winter, and quite a bit, if you compare with the resorts. Generally, precipitation in the capital is quite rare, and in summer it is practically excluded.

You can visit the capital all year round, but still it's most comfortable here in April-May and October-November, when it's not so hot.

Weather in Nicosia by months

Weather in Nicosia by months

Air temperature during the day (° C)

Air temperature during the day (° C) in Nicosia

Air temperature at night (° C)

Air temperature at night (° C) in Nicosia

Sundial hours per day

Sunny hours a day) in Nicosia

Bright time of day (hours)

The bright time of the day (hours) in Nicosia

Number of rainy days

Number of rainy days) in Nicosia

Amount of precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (mm) in Nicosia


Hotels in Nicosia have from 2 to 5 stars. There are several hotel complexes in the world known networks, for example, the Hilton. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, have a shower, satellite TV, internet and all other amenities, familiar to the Russian tourist. Prices are quite high, although cheaper than in popular European countries.

The cost of living varies from high season to low, albeit insignificantly. Optimum to book a hotel for high season for 3-6 months with the possibility of a free cancellation. The largest selection of housing is presented at the Booking .


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