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Polis Chrysohous

Polis or Polis Christos is a small town and resort in the north-western part of the island of Cyprus, on the coast of the Chrysochu Bay. The population is 3000 people. It is famous due to the nearby great attraction - the baths of Aphrodite. The city is also famous for fish fairs, almond groves and yacht-sport competitions.

Polis is ideal for lovers of relaxing holidays and couples with children. The sea here is no worse than in the popular resorts, and the beaches are not so populous that the apple could nowhere to fall. In the city of Polis and its surroundings, it is quite possible to find secluded coves where almost no one is.

See the tourist map of Polis

But not only a beach holiday awaits you at the resort. Since the city is known since ancient times, then for its rich history, he "collected" many interesting and significant sights. In addition to man-made (such as ancient ruins), there are also natural ones.

Preserve on Akamas peninsula

Night life is not here. Of the entertainment there are only water sports, yachting, horseback riding.

Getting there

Ближайший аэропорт к Полису - Paphos International Airport находится в XNUMX км. Добраться из аэропорта Пафоса до Полис можно тремя способами.


Из Международного аэропорта Пафоса в Полис с апреля по конец ноября следует bus. The journey time is about 70 minutes.

Taxi and car rental

You can also get to Polis by taxi. Travel time is 40 minutes. Even at the airport you can rent a car and drive yourself.


Within the city and the nearest suburbs there is a well-developed network bus routes. Trip is 1,5 euro. Also you can buy a travel card for 1 day for 5 euro or for a week for 20 euro. What's nice, public transport goes at night, though the tariff grows to 2,5 euros, and travel cards do not work.

There is a bicycle rental (from 6 euro / day) and motorcycles (from 15 euro / day). In some places buggies and ATVs are offered.


First of all, everyone rushes to the reserve on the peninsula Akamas. It is famous not only for its beautiful forests, but for the Bath of Aphrodite, where the Goddess of Love took baths with her beloved Adonis. The famous fountain of Love to this day attracts all lovers. Visit him is considered the guarantee of a future happy married life.

Bath of Aphrodite in the reserve on the peninsula Akamas.

To familiarize with the history of the city, it is worth visiting the Marion-Arsinoe Museum, built in 1998 and the Archaeological Museum.

Other places of interest in Polis include the ruins of the medieval Georgian Orthodox monastery of Galia and the church of Agios Andronikos.

Resorts and beaches

Near the town of Polis is the municipal pebble beach. He is the most equipped, with a developed infrastructure for which he received the honorary Blue Flag. Below is a video from the beach.

Latchi beach in Polis

Behind him begins the best Polis beach, which is near the small village of Latsi (Latsi). The coast is sandy, there are many restaurants on the beach. The places here are very beautiful - on the one hand the Troodos Mountains approach, and on the other the Akamas National Park begins.

If you want privacy, then you can go to the beach in the Argaka area. It is sandy, with a gently sloping entrance to the sea. As there are no infrastructure with hotels and restaurants here, there are not many people. True, there are often waves, so we do not recommend it for children. It is more suitable for sunbathing alone, and not for bathing.


The climate of the Polis is Mediterranean. In summer the air warms up in the daytime up to + 30 ... + 32 degrees, at night + 19 ... + 21, water in the sea 25 ... + 27 degrees. Winter is mild, in the daytime + 15 ... + 17, at night to + 8 ... + 10. At the same time, water in the sea averages + 16 ... + 18 and some even bathe in March and November.

The best time to visit is May and September-October, when there is no intense heat, and the water temperature is still comfortable.

Weather in Polis by months

Weather in Polis by months

Air temperature during the day (° C)

Air temperature during the day (° C) in the Policy

Air temperature at night (° C)

Air temperature at night (° C) in the Policy

Water temperature (° C)

Water temperature (° C) in the Policy

Sundial hours per day

Sunny hours a day) in Polis

Bright time of day (hours)

Bright time of day (hours) in Polis

Number of rainy days

Number of rainy days) in Polis

Amount of precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (mm) in Polis


In Polis, there is enough housing for every taste and purse. Popular apartments, country houses and villas (for example, Akamas Edge Villas or Citrus Grove Villa). A large selection of hotels is presented.

For the high season period, from June to September, the hotel in Polis is recommended to book with a free cancellation for 2-3 a month before the trip. The largest selection of housing is presented at the booking.


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