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Paphos Airport became too small

Paphos Airport became too small

August 10 2018 LJ cover – Аэропорт Пафоса стал слишком мал
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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paphos called for negotiations between the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the international consortium HermesAirports on the expansion of the airport. According to the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Andreas Dimitriadis, the Paphos airport is working at the limit of its capabilities.

Recall that in July, the Ministries of Justice and Transport added to the 12 booths at the passport control express kiosks for document verification and identity identification, which reduce the waiting time in queues.

Mr. Dimitriadis welcomed the innovations, noting that they do not solve the problem globally. He called on the Cypriot authorities and the consortium of Hermes Airports, the manager of the airports of Larnaca and Paphos, to study the idea of ​​expanding the second one.

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