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Ayia Napa starts to struggle with the "dissolute" reputation

Ayia Napa starts to struggle with the "dissolute" reputation

March 12 2018 LJ cover – Айя-Напа начинает бороться с «распутной» репутацией
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В XNUMX-х XX века Айя-Напа приобрела репутацию морского курорта для молодежи, которой нужны алкоголь и малоприличные развлечения. Власти города намерены покончить с этим имиджем, поскольку решили превратить Айя-Напу в «самый космополитичный курорт Средиземноморья». В Айя-Напу инвестированы миллионы евро (XNUMX млн. только в марину) — и репутация курорта-плохиша не вызывает восторга у мэрии. Вечно пьяные дебоширы объявлены персонами нон грата. Об этом мэр Яннис Карусос сообщил в открытом письме британским СМИ и туроператорам.

What happened?

In 90, young people from all over Europe flocked to Ayia Napa to relax and make friends for one night. Disco clubs in nightclubs and bars rattled until dawn, alcohol was poured by the river, drunken and fumigated guys and girls held contests behind the edge of decency, and tour operators happily rubbed their hands, counting the profits.

All the same can be said about the zero years of the XXI century. Loud music, littered with debris downtown streets, drunk tourists - that's what faced respectable couples who have been lured to Ayia Napa savvy tour operators and forgot to warn about entertainment for young people. In the 10-s it became a little better, but before the idyll is far away.

How to be?

Как сообщает The Telegraph, мэр Айя-Напы Яннис Карусос заявил, что в городе больше не ждут «молодежь низкого качества». Градоначальник обратился к полиции и туроператорам с просьбой помочь покончить с разнузданным поведением части туристов.

We will not allow a small number of tourists to return us to 90! - quotes the British edition of Mayor Ayia-Napa.

Город будет оборудован единой системой видеонаблюдения, что позволит предотвращать «незаконное поведение» и наказывать виновных. Идею тотального видеоконтроля Яннис Карусос привез из российского Геленджика, который является побратимом Айя-Напы.

With whom to take an example?

Magaluf (Mallorca Island, Spain)

Magaluf is the place of rest cheeky youth, but in 2015, the government announced a five-year plan to transform the resort into a "destination for a family vacation." In particular, there were introduced huge fines for fans to urinate in public and "from the balcony." The shops were banned from selling alcohol from midnight until eight in the morning.

Hvar Island (Croatia)

In July 2017, the mayor of Hvar Ricardo Nowak promised that he would put an end to "naked and drunken excesses." "They are sick all over the city, they cope with a small need in all corners, walking naked. There is a limit to everything! "- said Novak. The city council approved fines in the amount of 600 euros for walking in swimsuits and swimming trunks, and 700 euros - for heavy intoxication.

Slynchev Bryag (Bulgaria)

Resort authorities declared a crusade to drunken tourists and reduced to a minimum the noise level from entertainment facilities at night. Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov joined the police raids on night clubs, following which stated: "In our country, there is an orgy of lawlessness and we get this over with."

Kavos (Corfu Island, Greece)

The authorities of the popular Greek tourist village introduced strict restrictions on noise pollution, the causes of which, for the most part, were loud music and cries from visitors to bars and nightlife.

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