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Anastasiades emphasized the friendly relations between Russia and Cyprus

Anastasiades emphasized the friendly relations between Russia and Cyprus

4 2018 June LJ cover – Анастасиадес подчеркнул дружеские отношения России и Кипра
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President Nikos Anastasiades spoke at the opening of the 13th Cyprus-Russia festival in Limassol. He stressed the existence of friendly relations between Cyprus and Russia, which proved to be strong, despite the influence of external factors.

"Within the framework of the Cyprus-Russian festival, there is an exchange between the cultures of our countries. We deeply appreciate the close ties in the economy, investment, tourism and trade that have developed between Cyprus and Russia. For many Russians, Cyprus has become the second home, and friendship between people of our countries has long gone beyond the framework of business relations. "

The President expressed his gratitude to the Russian Diaspora of the island for its support during the difficult days of the financial crisis of 2013.

"The Russian community in Cyprus is an integral part of the Cypriot society and plays an important role in the business and cultural life of the island. Despite the unfavorable external factors, we have big plans to increase economic and trade cooperation, "the Russian ambassador to Cyprus Stanislav Osadchy said.

At the end of the official opening of the festival, the speech was taken by the mayor of the city of Limassol Nikos Nicolaides: "Our city is proud of tens of thousands of Russians and Russian-speaking people, for whom Limassol has become the second house".

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