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Safety of Cypriot pupils in priority

Safety of Cypriot pupils in priority

1 2018 June | A source: KP
Tags: Cyprus, Schools, Children, Security

The members of the teachers' union have agreed with the Minister of Education of Cyprus Costas Hambiauris about the creation of a committee to consider all issues related to public health and safety, students in public schools. The meeting was held on Tuesday, 29 May.

To similar actions of teachers and officials has pushed an accident in the beginning of May when as a result of a trauma received at a lesson of physical culture, 10-year-old pupil of the Greek school was lost.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ministries of Education and Labor, the Commissioner for Children's Rights, the parent committee, members of the association of nurses and non-governmental organizations.

Председателем нового комитета уже назначили руководителя департамента технического образования Элиаса Маркаджиса, который также является главой департамента Минздрава по безопасности.

His mission will be to identify and eliminate the "weak spots" in Cypriot schools. The Committee will also consider the feasibility of providing nursing schools with more intensive first aid training.

At the same time, the Minister noted that, despite all the measures, unfortunately, no one is insured against accidents.

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