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The struggle for the restoration of the mosque in Larnaca

The struggle for the restoration of the mosque in Larnaca

4 2018 June | A source: VC
Tags: Cyprus, Larnaca, Restoration, Sightseeing

Immediately 12 architectural firms submitted projects for the restoration of the mosque in Larnaca Zuhurov located between the mosque Buyuk-Kebir and the church of Saint Lazarus in the street Nikolaou Russa. This June 4 said the mayor of the city Andreas Viras.

According to Viras, the chief city architect from 21 May is studying the proposed projects from 12 applicants for reconstruction. Participation in the evaluation is made by representatives of the Department of Antiquities, Urban Planning and Urban Planning, as well as experts from the University of Cyprus, the Scientific and Technical Chamber of ETEK and the Association of Architects of Cyprus.

The work plan involves the reconstruction of the courtyard and the old market, the restoration of the mosque and guest house, as well as the renovation of the facades of the historic complex built in the XIX century. One of the walls of the mosque will be left in its original form. It is expected that the cost of the project will be about 2,2 million euros excluding VAT. Funding will be provided through a number of European funds.

The results of the architectural competition will be announced by 13 June, Viras said.

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