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British military protect Cypriot birds from poachers

British military protect Cypriot birds from poachers

July 4 2018 LJ cover – Британские военные защищают кипрских птиц от браконьеров
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The United Kingdom's Minister of State for Armed Forces, Mark Lancaster, visiting the British sovereign bases told about a joint program being undertaken by the military administration, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the public organization Birdlife Cyprus.

Thanks to measures to prevent illegal hunting for small songbirds, which are a traditional but forbidden dish of local cuisine, in 2017 year the number of poachers mined by poachers was estimated at about 260 thousand. This is 76% lower than 880 thousand killed birds in 2016 year.

The main means of combating poaching, has become, paradoxically, it sounds - the elimination of acacia plantations in the protected area. To attract small birds, intruders land not endemic acacia flora on the territory of the Akrotiri peninsula, which is the natural habitat for the largest number of bird species in Cyprus.

In branches of overgrown acacias, it is easiest to install nets and glue to catch migratory birds. To irrigate such plantations, attackers use irrigation systems on an industrial scale. Since 2014, the acacia plantations in an area equal to 45 football fields have been removed from protected areas and 60 km of hoses for point irrigation have been seized.

To strengthen surveillance and patrol over the terrain, according to Mark Lancaster, the police of British military bases will receive at their disposal the copters and camcorders of hidden surveillance located in the most threatened areas from the point of view of poaching.

By the way about the birds: at the same time, a member of the British government signed a renewed agreement between the two states on deepening military cooperation, including close cooperation in the field of maritime and air security, the fight against terrorism, and the exchange of intelligence information.

Dmitry Vinitsky
Cyprus Butterfly
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