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The rapid development of Limassol is destroying old houses

The rapid development of Limassol is destroying old houses

25 2018 June LJ cover – Бурная застройка Лимассола разрушает старые дома
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Eight families of the old house in Limassol are concerned that because of the construction of Skyscraper One, they will remain without housing.

The house is located behind a new high-rise building on the coastline. Inside and outside the already dilapidated building, cracks began to appear on the walls and pillars that support its structure.

30 May residents were made "a final warning that the building is dangerous for those who live in it, as well as for passers-by." Residents were given 15 days for evacuation, but if the building collapses earlier, "the municipality will not bear any responsibility," it was reported in the letter.

However, when 15 days passed, the owner of the apartment Demetris Christodulides said that they had nowhere to go. "They tell me that it's too dangerous here. Well, I'll leave the building, but where do I go? I tried to find something to rent, but the prices are too high. We have nowhere to go. In the same situation are the rest of the tenants of the house. "

The rapid development of Limassol is destroying old houses

Problems, according to Christodulides, began to appear when the construction of one of the high-rise buildings of Limassol - 37-storeyed object "One" began. "When they drilled underground, our entire building was vibrating, we felt that everything was shaking," said Christodoulides. "At first we thought it was an earthquake. But then we realized what was really going on and what was the reason for the shaking. "

Christodoulides, who owns an apartment and lives in it with his wife and daughter, claims that the visible cracks on the columns of the building are the result of the vibrations of the drilling work associated with building a high-rise building right in front of their house. "We know that our house is old, we know that it has problems. We do not complain about the natural deterioration of his condition. We are talking about the obvious cracks in the building that appeared during the construction work near it.

"The local authorities have money to hold a carnival. And for us they have nothing and our appeal to the municipality is ignored, "says Christodoulides.

Later in the statement it was reported that the construction of the building was "using special equipment and there could be no vibration. "Vibration with possible consequences can be caused by the use of heavy vibration rollers and other mechanisms in infrastructure projects (roads) that are not applicable to residential developments."

But the tenants of the house stand on their own and are ready to take the case to court.

The rapid development of Limassol is destroying old houses

How far it will go is difficult to say, since the apartment house is really old, it was built after the Turkish invasion of 1974 - it will be difficult for residents to prove that the damage to the house is the result of construction, and not the result of long years of existence.

The plight of the residents also attracted the attention of an active initiative group of citizens of Limassol, who say that they are against building high buildings that are being erected to the detriment of citizens.

"We are not against the skyscrapers, but we want it to be done properly," they say.

Last month, Interior Minister Konstantinos Petrides said that the government issued permits for the construction of 25 high-rise buildings and another 60 are under consideration, most of them in Limassol.

The initiative group fears that the skyscrapers are built too quickly, without any long-term plan and with complete disdain for the inhabitants of Limassol. Already, the prices for rent have soared to a maximum, and finding an affordable place to live becomes extremely difficult. "All these apartments are not for the public good. They are not for people from old houses, "the group said. Skyscrapers will consist of expensive apartments, which local residents can not afford, they will be used by investors for "citizenship for investment".

The initiative group launched a petition calling for "immediately stopping all procedures related to the construction of skyscrapers" until a plan and a strategic study of the environmental impact are drawn up. "

They argue that tall buildings should be built in a designated area with infrastructure to maintain it, ideally on the outskirts, but not on the coast. The structure of the city should resemble an amphitheater with taller buildings from behind and lower in front, in contrast to what it looks like now, as tall buildings block the view of the sea.

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