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In two weeks, a temporary casino will begin operating in Cyprus

In two weeks, a temporary casino will begin operating in Cyprus

13 2018 June LJ cover – Через две недели на Кипре начнет работу временное казино
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The government of Cyprus issued a license to operate a temporary casino facility, which will operate until the largest of Europe's City of Dreams Mediterranean casino project is completed.

The gaming center will open on 28 June in Limassol. The temporary casino will be located in the building of the former supermarket with an area of ​​4600 sq. M. m. The game space with 33 gaming tables and 242 gaming machines will occupy an area of ​​1300 sq. m. m. The casino will also have a VIP-zone, a restaurant and two bars.

Under the terms of the license, Melco has the right to manage a temporary casino and three small halls with slot machines, while the main resort is under construction. City of Dreams Mediterranean will be the largest gambling center in Europe. The competition on the scale it will be the project Hard Rock International, which will open in a few years in Spain. HRI and Melco were originally partners for both projects, but ultimately decided to implement them separately.

The first phase of the construction of City of Dreams began the other day and is scheduled to be completed by the year of 2021. According to the head of Melco Lawrence Ho, the company has already hired 500, of which 75% are local residents. About 4000 people will be employed in the process of construction, and 2500 will get a permanent job after the resort opens.

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