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A month later, summer schools will start working in Cyprus

A month later, summer schools will start working in Cyprus

23 May 2018 LJ cover – Через месяц на Кипре начнут работу летние школы
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In the primary schools and sixteen kindergartens around the island will be held summer classes, this today, 23 May, announced in the Ministry of Education.

Summer schools in Cyprus will work from 25 June on 27 July, that is, a total of 25 working days. Also, the classes will be held at the Makarios hospital. Schools will be open from 7: 45 to 13: 05. According to the minister, the courses will be free of charge, and a free breakfast will be provided only to children from families already receiving benefits during the year or in difficult financial conditions, The Cyprus Mail reports.

According to the minister, preference for admission to the summer school camp will be given priority to children from families in a difficult socio-economic situation. Camp programs, the ministry said, "will be very well organized." For children participating in the programs, trips and games will be organized both in schools and on the street.

The costs for the work of summer schools will be covered by the ministry, and teachers will work in them, who are on the waiting lists of jobs and those who are already in a permanent position in the school.

Natalia Kudlay
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