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What to do in the event of an ecological disaster in Larnaca?

What to do in the event of an ecological disaster in Larnaca?

July 31 2018 LJ cover – Что делать в случае экологический катастрофы в Ларнаке?
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Муниципалитет Ларнаки создал сайт, which informs people living near oil facilities along the Larnaca-Dhekelia road, how to behave in the event of an environmental disaster. On the site there is an online brochure "Basic Guide to Safety and Prevention of Major Accidents" and answers to frequently asked questions, including "How do I know?" And "Why should not I use the phone?".

Although the chances for such an incident are small, it is reasonable to be aware of the dangers that they pose both for people's lives and for the flora and fauna of the region, the website says.

The above brochure was also distributed in printed form in households located "in areas of immediate danger".

Recall that 20 June hundreds of residents of Larnaka and Livadia took part in the protest against the delays in the redeployment of oil storage facilities in the area of ​​Vasiliko. People carried placards with the inscriptions "We demand that we are guaranteed our rights to life without fear!" And "We demand a future for our children and for our city!". They are tired of promises that have not been fulfilled for 17 years.

Larnaca Mayor Andreas Viras refused to sign a third version of a memorandum of understanding between the government and six oil companies about relocating oil storage facilities from Larnaka due to one point that allows oil companies to withdraw from the treaty at any time by warning the government in a month.

According to the mayor, since 2001, when work was begun on the first contract for the transfer of giant tanks from the coast of Larnaka, hundreds of meetings and meetings were held and three agreements were signed.

Thousands of deadlines were established and thousands of orders were passed. Nothing changed! Andreas Viras was indignant.

If the authorities of the country continue to do the same for the six large oil companies, not taking into account the interests of the residents of the whole city, then, according to the mayor, "Larnaka will be forced to move to more decisive actions."

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