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Ecologists of Cyprus continue to struggle with the idea of ​​solar park

Ecologists of Cyprus continue to struggle with the idea of ​​solar park

28 May 2018 LJ cover – Экологи Кипра продолжают борьбу с идеей солнечного парка
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The solar park in Cyprus would solve a serious problem with the shortage of electricity and its high cost. But the construction of a solar station can not be approved by the ecologists of the island.

Previously, a solar park in Cyprus wanted to build in Akrotiri. But the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee banned construction, citing the abundance of plants that could be affected by work. Then the solar park was decided to move a little, and the new place of the park was chosen Prastio in Avdymu (Limassol region).

To assess the scale of the impact of construction on the environment, the Committee asked to send data on the amount of vegetation in the site intended for the construction of the park. The organizers of the project provided the following data: on the site there are 70 olive and 10 carob trees, as well as dense vegetation, which occupies about 8% of the total area.

The committee sent a verification to the site and found out that the data transmitted was not true, reports Philelewtheros. So, on a site it was found out over 200 trees: olive, citrus and various palms. The Committee also estimated employment as dense vegetation at 40%, grass cover - 50%, and only 10% of the entire site is a stony terrain.

In this regard, the Committee refused to issue a construction permit at the selected site. He recommended that the organizers "move" the park north - to where there is not much vegetation.

Irina Zhmaeva
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