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"Environmental inaction" will bring Cyprus to trial

"Environmental inaction" will bring Cyprus to trial

2 2018 June | A source: ELTOMA
Tags: Cyprus, Ecology, Court, EU

The EU can file an action with the European Court of Justice against the Government of Cyprus because it does not take appropriate actions to implement the EU Directive 92 / 43 / ECC, if within two months the relevant measures for the incorporation of the necessary provisions are not accepted by the Government of Cyprus.

The Government of Cyprus has already received two notifications from the European Commission on the need to introduce into the legislation of Cyprus the EU Habitats Directive and the EU Waste Directive and the consequences of non-compliance with such requirements.

We remind you that if the government of the member countries does not comply with the legislation of the European Community, the European Commission has the right to refer the matter to the European Court, whose decision is binding on EU members.

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