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Experts are counting on the growth of the tourist flow from Russia to Cyprus

Experts are counting on the growth of the tourist flow from Russia to Cyprus

August 21 2018 LJ cover – Эксперты рассчитывают на рост турпотока из России на Кипр
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The Russian tourist flow to Cyprus in the first seven months decreased by 5% compared to the same period of 2017, with July showing a decline already at 5,9% in annual terms. Tour operators hope that the direction can win back these losses in August and the velvet season, ATOR reports.

In Cyprus, explain the decline in tourist flow from Russia by activity in the Russian market of Turkey.

Estimating summer sales in the Cyprus direction, tour operator companies also note the impact on demand of the FM-2018. So, according to one of the tour operators, for the period of the World Cup in football demand for tours to Cyprus fell by about 15%, creating, however, the effect of deferred sales.

According to market participants, Cyprus can catch up in August and in the velvet period, which is confirmed by the structure of sales in the direction.

At the leading tour operator companies, the share of early booking in Cyprus's total sales for the summer season ranges from 35 to 50%. With the current average depth of booking from a month to two Cyprus in the velvet season can still get "missing" tourists. The fact that such a trend is, say market participants.

At the same time, despite the peak of the season, "hoteliers are willing to make contact - after all, the Russian market is one of the most important for them." So, all season many hotels in Cyprus give free accommodation for children or discounts for the accommodation of a second or more child.

According to market participants, in August and in the velvet season, Russian tourists do not face a shortage of places in Cyprus hotels: many tour operators in Cyprus have numbers with the possibility of immediate confirmation.

According to the results of the 2018 year, experts believe that sales volumes in Cyprus will either remain at the level of the previous year or show a slight increase within 3-5%. According to market participants, much will depend on the ruble exchange rate in August-September. If the rate stabilizes, it will help sell all outbound destinations, including Cyprus.

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