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EU will oblige Cyprus to collect tourist data

EU will oblige Cyprus to collect tourist data

8 2018 June LJ cover – ЕС обяжет Кипр собирать данные туристов
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The Parliamentary Legislative Committee of Cyprus began discussing a draft law agreed upon by the EU states, requiring air carriers to record and provide passenger data at least by 20 points in order to combat terrorism and organized crime.

The law falls under the so-called "PNR directive of the European Union", which means "passenger name records" - a record of passenger data.

The data is planned to be collected from all the passengers arriving in Cyprus without exception, from whatever country they arrive, as well as from all travelers leaving the island, regardless of their citizenship.

In addition to the full name, address and contact details, the passenger must provide all the payment details, including the billing address, as well as the history of passenger trips, booking confirmations, ticket information with arrival information and travel document number, date of purchase, seat number and all information about luggage.

The bill also calls for fixing the preferences of passengers in food. For example, if someone orders vegetarian food, such a person, in the opinion of the police, may be associated with Islamist terrorists. If someone checked in for the flight, but did not show up for the landing or missed his flight, it will also be recorded in the passenger's passport.

Meanwhile, according to Aristos Damianu, a deputy from the ACL, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found these measures illegal. Therefore, air carriers will be responsible for maintaining such records and transferring them to a specially created service.

According to the chairman of the committee and the deputy of the DISI party Georgios Gheorghiu, the unit will be staffed by a member of the Intelligence Service of Cyprus, an officer of the customs and police.

Julia Vetrova
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