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More 10 refugee families will find shelter in Cyprus

More 10 refugee families will find shelter in Cyprus

29 May 2018 | A source: VC
Tags: Cyprus, Refugees, Migration

It is expected that another ten families of refugees from Lebanon and Jordan will be relocated to Cyprus in the year 2018 in accordance with the agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Natasha Ksenofontos-Kuduna, head of the IOM office in Cyprus, says that this decision is "the beginning of the fulfillment of Nicosia's obligations." In an interview with the Cyprus news agency, Kuduna welcomed the government's political decision to continue resettlement of refugees in accordance with the commitments made by the EU member states, adding that this decision also strengthens bilateral ties between Cyprus and neighboring countries. Resettlement is one of the most accessible tools for addressing the issue of migrants. The government should make efforts to ensure that refugees choose for themselves a legal way of justification in Cyprus, and not try to get to the island secretly, which can lead to tragedies. So, last week on the beach of Karpasia the sea washed the bodies of ten people who could not get to Cyprus.

Kuduna said that the 143 refugee from Greece and Italy had already moved to Cyprus, showing solidarity with the EU member states that were facing a growing migration flow.

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