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Internet scammers continue to extort money from Cypriots

Internet scammers continue to extort money from Cypriots

July 17 2018 LJ cover – Интернет-мошенники продолжают вымогать деньги у киприотов
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On Monday, the police of the Republic of Cyprus spoke about a new wave of cyber crime. Before that, several residents of the island told law enforcement authorities that they were extorting money according to the following scheme: an e-mail comes in, the author of which requires money in exchange for not disclosing the contents of the gadget of a potential victim.

As a confirmation of the seriousness of their intentions, Internet scammers cite users' data on visits to certain sites. Extortionists report that a program is installed in the laptop or mobile phone of the recipient of the letter, which allows you to see all of its archives and the history of website visits. In exchange for silence, hackers demand large sums of money in bitcoins.

The Department for Combating Cybercrime of the Police of the Republic of Cyprus warns users that they should not, in any case, go about the Internet criminals and send money to them. Instead, immediately contact cyberpolicies via 22-808200 (from seven in the morning until seven in the evening) or fill out a special form to send complaints.

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